Monday, 21 September 2009

A weekend reclaimed (sort of)

Had such great plans for the weekend but sadly these were not to be. Little son woke Saturday morning after a dreadful night (in with me). A quick check with the thermometer revealed what I'd already guessed - he was running a temp :(. Eventually got through to the weekend doctors and an appointment made. Anyhow I was right he did need meds as his tonsils were 'yucky'.

However this unplanned weekend at home did mean that I could finally get round to completely a few tasks from my to-do list.

First of which was making a batch of green tomato chutney. Despite a bumper crop of tomatoes this year very few have ripened.  Thought I'd be clever and make a double batch - was a minor panic that the pan was going to be too small but it fitted with an inch or so too spare.

Had 18 clean jars waiting to be filled - used 17 of them. A good bit of guess work on my part.

The next task to get to get ticked off the list was to use up all the sloes we picked the other weekend and turn them into some warming for the winter months ahead.  I think 1.5 litres will keep us going!

Final task was to finish making a card for my nieces birthday - I'd taken the photo ages ago - it just needed mounting and some birthday trimming round the edge.  Am quite pleased with it - the whole card making thing is new to me and so far the results have been very well received.

Thats all for today - tomorrow something special is happening - we are finally getting a new bed. Might even share some photos with you ;)


claire said...

Hi there x
ooh I suspect you live VERY close to me. and we have children the same age too!
Lovely to hear from you. I look forward to visiting again :)

VintageVicki said...

Got me trying to guess the church now!!

BTW reading old blog posts - we have the same CK messenger bag!

Ticking stripes said...

Welcome to Blogland! Lovely pictures. The Weekend Book is great for lots of ideas. Maybe we should all claim back some of that special weekend time.

LissyLou said...

Hello Vicki!! welcome to blogland xx

Floss said...

Good to meet you - I love your blog heading! We seem to have similar ages, anniversaries and children... hmm, spooky...

I also had a similar weekend, except I was ill too, and we made papercrafts. 'No chutney when sick' seems a good motto.

Hope your son's better now.