Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Keep warm & carry on

Brrrrrr - yes its still cold here in Suffolk and yes there's still some of that blooming white stuff on the ground and as I type some more is trying to fall!

Its been my first proper week at being a SAHM as last week never really got going with the boys only doing a day and a half at school!

The birthday cake from the previous post was well received - thanks for all your comments too.  Think I've started something as its little sons birthday at the weekend & he's hinted he'd like something Mummy made too.  When he was out the other night big son & I snuck into his room and hunted down lots of things to decorate this cake with - will reveal all at the weekend when it gets made ;)

One of the biggest tasks of the week (apart from the domestic chores) has been keeping warm - much to MrVV's amusement I've often gone for the warm rather than stylish option!! However one recent purchase is both warm & stylish and will probably not leave my body until the temperature again returns to double figures!

The other warming option other than copious mugs of tea is soup - think we've had soup of one flavour or another nearly everyday for lunch - I'm getting the hang of making it from whatever leftover veg we have in the baskets & fridge;

(carrot & parsnip)

The other thing I've taken on board this week from other blogs is 20 minutes of crafting a day :)  This has meant that the knitted dishcloth is finished (just need to learn to cast off at S&B tonight) and I've ticked the first item off my making list - birthday bunting;

Off to hide the ginger biscuits I've made for S&B group before the boys get home from school ;)

See you later in the week

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx


The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Vicku have emailed you regard the mag. Love the snowy pictures. Dev x

dottydaisies said...

We are just thawing out now in Wales, look forward to seeing your next cake ! x

bellaboo said...

Thawing here too and very slushy everywhere, but at least it's safe to take the car out now!Nice birthday bunting.


A Country Girl said...

And now its raining.
Can't do shopping/coffee/cake on Friday but hav had my days messed up next week so may have Monday free.

Serenata said...

That looks nice and warm and stylish. :-) We've been having a lot of soups as well, sadly only the tinned variety though.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

That soup looks just what I need to warm myself in this weather. Brrrrrrrr.

magsmcc said...

What a productive day- I'm getting nothing done at the minute, not even the domestic essentials! Well done, you!