Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy Suffolk

MrVV & I  woke to the radio presenter telling us that both the boys schools were closed for the day.  As the boys woke up and came in to see us they asked about school and when told there was none, snuggled into bed with MrVV & I for a little while.

It's not been too bad here today - lots of snow flurries and about 3 inches of snow at the most.  The biggest problem is still the ice - we've areas that have been frozen over since December and until it warms up they'll remain like that.

The boys have kept themselves busy with homework, playing outside and also painting their airfix models they got at Christmas.  Little son decided to accompany me into town to do some shopping.

Our lane to the right.

View to the left - plus little son

Same view but with me in the way !!

Artistic picture of snow covered holly!

This snowfall has given me a chance to play with my camera and try & get a picture to use on cards for next Christmas!!  I'd decided not to pack Rudolph & Bambi away with the decorations - today they thought they would go and play in the snow!!

After spending time outside this morning, this afternoon was definately an indoors time.  Last night at S&B group I had my first knitting lesson - I can now cast on and do a basic knit stitch.  In a quiet moment this afternoon I sat in the front room adding more rows to my dishcloth!!

 MrVV & Little son decided to bottle the homebrew (which has been doing whatever it does in my airing cupboard for the past week as the kitchen was too cold for it!!!).

22 litres of the stuff is now in bottles and is back in the airing cupboard for a few more days till it needs to move somewhere less warm but not too cold - so probably our bedroom or the front room then! Thinking of renaming the house The VV brewery!!

Just found out that both boys schools are closed again tomorrow - cue 2 happy boys and the threat of pelting me with snowballs!  I guess that also means another day of gloves & socks drying on the raditor, rosy cheeks and mugs of hot chocolate :)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Kate said...

sounds like most of the radiators in my house full of an assortment of gloves, scarfs, hats socks and even shoes this afternoon, my boys are off tomorrow as well but I am not having everyone back here for hot chocolate I've never seen 6 pints of milk dissapear so quickly, my kitchen felt very small with 11 boys in it.
Take care

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! It is bitter cold here on the East Coast of US. We may get some snow, tonight. However, our 10 inch snow from a couple of weeks ago is gone. I don't think tonight's snow will be much.
Blessings, andrea

bellaboo said...

Sounds like you are all having a great time enjoying the snow!
Your knitting's coming on a treat too.Look forward to seeing the finished result!


Sarah said...

Will look forward to seeing how your knitting prgresses. Our school was open today, bit of a trek driving there though.

made with love said...

School opened here yesterday after two days of closures. It is bitterly cold here and the snow shows no signs of moving. We had a fair bit so think it will be a while. Have to wait a bit longer for the bikes eh?
You knitting is looking great. Well done. I am trying my hand a crochet this year. Wish me luck
Rachael XX

A Country Girl said...

Well done with the knitting!
When will you be hosting the VV Beer festival? Put us down for tickets;)