Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another weekend has whizzed by.....

In a whirl of parcels, sewing, gardening and more scouting fun for big son.

Most importantly I finished my Union Jack cushion :)

I might have been near the fabric shop again too - couldn't resist this - a mix of 2 of my favourite things - polka dots and strawberries.

Saturday was glorious here in Suffolk - blue skies and warm sunshine. The whole VV family decamped into the garden where tasks were allocated - MrVV digging the veggie patch, big son pruning & little son & I weeding a big border along the bottom of the garden.  After several hours of hard graft you could see where we'd all been - though a few more weekends are required to bring the garden upto a reasonable standard - we seem to go for all or nothing gardening in this household.

With seeds to start off indoors it was time to make some little pots from strips of newspaper.  Little son loves doing this task so I set him the job of producing about 50!!

Sometime later when he'd got a reasonable amount made, it was time to get them filled and seeds planted - so far we've started tomatoes, squashes, courgettes, french beans and some prettiness too - sweet peas;

Hopefully in a week or so the first little hints of green will poke through and we can start on another batch of babies.  Have also got several things that are waiting to be planted directly outside. Already thinking of summer dinners which are picked directly from the garden :)

The parcel I mentioned? A pressie from a friend for little son - a sock monkey which has joined his menagerie of cuddlies;

More sewing/making - this time pressie for a sister who has a birthday in a couple of weeks -

Some bunting;

and some covered button earrings;

Big son has been on another scouting special - an off-road cycling day in the forest.  Here he is ready for the off ;

He arrived back late afternoon having had a brilliant day - one minor leg gash & a trashed back tyre!! Fortunately as he's tall he was able to borrow a bike from one of the leaders so he could continue with the rest of activities.

Whilst he was out, the rest of us headed up to Southwold for chips, ice-cream and a walk.  Little son was keen to visit the Pier to see if the silly photo booth was repaired - it was and here's the result (should have set the height to tall as most of MrVV is missing!!);

Off now to enjoy a glass of home-brewed cider and watch Over the Rainbow - hoping my favourites are not voted off this week.

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xxxx Vicki xxxx


CraftyHelen said...

Sounds like a lovely week-end. Your makes are just so pretty, I love the cushion (knew I would) and the bunting too. Thanks for joining in the swap.xx

Jenny said...

What a difference the sun makes, so much more gets done and the time as you say whizzes by. Love that cushion, you made such a good job you deserved more fabric - if you did happen to have been near the shop.

charl said...

love that cushion.. the fabric you've used is so pretty!!
sounds like you've had a busy weekend.. the sunshine does make you want to do things doesnt it..
love that bunting to. wish my sister could sew!!

Isobel said...

Hi Vicki,
Seems that yours weekend has been super. I love your UJ cushion.I am planing to make one for myself too. All your makings are very cute!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a fab weekend and VERY productive! Your cushion is lovely! Cx

Jen said...

The Union Jack cushion is just wonderful! I adore it - you're super talented.

JP said...

love the cushion - glad you have all had a good weekend - me too!

andamento said...

Wow, you've been busy. Love the cushion and the bunting. The photo booths pics are pretty fun too!

Kandi said...

Love your cushion and your new fabric so pretty x

Florence and Mary said...

Fabulous cushion!!!

Victoria x

Pixiedust said...

I'm loving your cushion its gorgeous. xx Pixie xx

A Country Girl said...

The cushion had turned out really well!
Must pop up to Southwold - oursilly photo is really ancient and I'd love to update it.

Kel said...

Great cushion! Very talented. And I love the bunting.
Sounds a great weekend, we've just planted our lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and spring onions for summer - hopefully we get one this year.
X x

Duchess of Tea said...

Vicki darling sounds like you had a productively fun weekend. The cushion is fabulous and I must say I love the fabric you purchased, very lovely. Hope the sun continues to shine over your cottage.

Love & Hugs

Vintage from the Village said...

Lovely cushion you have there !
Sue x

topchelseagirl said...

Gorgeous cushion!

Shirl said...

What a busy weekend. Love your cushion and the monkey ... :0)

Shirl x

Kelly said...

Wow the cushion looks great! You have been very busy haven't you!
I think everyone went blogging mad while I was away! Have had so many posts to read!!!

Sarah said...

I love your little recycled pots, what a fabulous idea. And even better when someone else enjoys making them! I'm sure your veggies will florish in them.

All your new homemades look amazing. The cushion is brilliant! WEll done.