Sunday, 18 April 2010

A marmite day and lots of flowers & planting

Saturday was definately a marmite day. We headed as a family to Bury St Edmunds for this event;

Oh yes 1,000 Morris, Molly & Clogg dancers in 55 troupes from all over the country - like I say Marmite- either love it or you hate it!! MrVV & I loved it, little son tolerated and big son kept his ipod turned on!!  As lots of the dancing was taking place in the main shopping area the boys did wander off to look in the shops and big son even bought himself a hoodie with his own money.

Like I said dancers from all over - some traditional;

and some less so - these pink & black ones were morris meets punk style

and these ones were quite gothic

Now you can't go to Bury without visiting the Abbey Gardens as these are always gorgeous and colourful;

Today has been another sunny one - this afternoon was spent in the garden. MrVV planting & pruning, big son cutting the grass and little son & I playing with the veggie patch and planting a few pots;

We also planted a new lavender hedge by the back gate - hoping when its grown it will attract lots of bees and also provide lavender for cutting & drying;

2 best bits about today;

Being able to have bare feet & wear sandals :)
and getting an award from Bad Penny @ HenHouse ;

Now I have had this award before but am grateful for getting it again. Just need to think of 7 things to tell you about me........
1.  If it wasn't for my 6 weekly hairdressers visits, I'd be almost grey.
2. I am scared most dogs :(
3. I swim as well as a stone.
My mind has gone blank so I'll leave those till another time! I also need to pass this award on - again I shall do that another day too. I need to get into the kitchen and prepare dinner.

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx


JP said...

love the sandals - very CK!!!!

Pooh's Abode said...

Your second photo of the morris dancers is of Green Dragon Morris who are based in Bury St Edmunds. Harry, my husband is squire for that side but I can't see him in your photo.
Wish I'd known you were going to be there and perhaps I could have gone along and met you.
He also dances for Pretty Grim, a side that used to be based in Otley but now practises in Ipswich.
May Bank Holiday weekend [ beginning of May] the place to be for Morris dancers is Rochester - 3 days of morris and music in the pubs. We go for the whole weekend

Pooh's Abode said...

Also love the sandals - where did you get them from?


Sarah said...

That sounds like a great day out, and what fab weather - wasn't it wonderful to have bare feet again?!

Kelly said...

I'm a flip flop girl! so happy the feet can come out again!!!
Your garden is lovely!!!

winnibriggs said...

congrats on the award. I love marmite and Morris dancing, wonder what that says about me. Love the planting especially the use of the old bread bin.

Pixiedust said...

Morris dancing looks like good fun. I though the goth looking ones looked great. Its been a gorgeous day here, glad you got to spend some time in the garden with the family. oohhh and loving those sandals by the way, can I be cheeky and ask where you got them? xx

Rubyred said...

Hmm, Morris dacing, not really a fan, but I've never seen Gothic ones before! Quite fun! Love your potting up in the bread bin!Your garden looks lovely! Thanks for popping by!
Rachel x

bellaboo said...

Aaah,morris dancing..we get a lot of that here in Sussex,and something called 'magog' too.I think that might be the goth ones.Congrats on your award.Those sandals look really comfy..and I like your little toe rings!

Bellaboo :0)

VintageVicki said...

Thanks ladies

The sandals are birkenstock ones - got them several years ago - direct from birkenstock in germany.

Pooh's Abode said...

The 'goth' ones are called Pig Dyke Molly. Magog are a ladies side that dance cotswold, garland and clog.
Border morris [ Green Dragon are border] generally have rag coats, facepaint and use sticks - normally quite loud and noisy.
Cotswold usually dress in white and have bells and hankies but occasionally sticks.
Clogs wear clogs and have quite precise steps and make a noise with the clogs
Molly originates from East Anglia and dance without sticks, hankies or garlands.
Hope that clarifies some points

Felted House said...

I have to say love the sandals too and you've obviously managed to put polish on your toenails - I need to do the same after a winter hidden away so that I'm ready for my flip-flops when the sun shines again!
A lavender hedge is such a good idea - I planted a very small one years ago just to edge a bit of our path but both sons were terrified of the buzzing bees it attracted - now I'm making lavender bags it would make sense to try again! xx

magpie chic said...

Oooh Vicki, you have my rabbit on your blog banner!!! I must pull him out of the toybox and send you a pics of him! He was made by my Mum in the 70's and he looks just as loved and worn as yours. Love your blog.

A Country Girl said...

How funny - one of my 7 things was my inability to swim.
(You're not secretly scared of Dizzy are you?)

Menopausal musing said...

Lovely post and great sandals!!!!

Ernest sends his regards to you and your boys. He is a bit of a handful, but we are coping. :O)

Shirl said...

Lovely sandals, we've got loads of lavender in the garden and I'm planning on drying it later on the year after the bees have finished with it ... :0)

Shirl x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Morris Dancers always make me smile :-) They have them at the Reach Fair every year - the kids can't quite understand them flinging their hankies around. Loving your planting pots and those sandals!

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