Monday, 5 April 2010

An 'eggsellent' Easter weekend & a giveaway winner :)

Sorry but that had to be done didn't it ;)

Its has been a really good weekend here despite the weathermans dire prediction - yes we're got wet (well once) and its not been bikini weather but all in all much better than promised.

Friday saw us head to Ipswich - not my favourite place but nearish & it had all the shops that the VV family needed - more brewing stuff for MrVV, books for big son & a new (to him) DS game for little son.  They all happily went off & left me to spend my birthday Next voucher which my lovely godmother sent me.  That was never going to be difficult & 2 t-shirts & a dress later I was spent out!! After stocking up on a few basics for the boys it was time to head home for lunch.

In the afternoon everyone headed off their seperate ways - the boys to read/play games, MrVV to battle with the lawnmower in the rain & me to my knitting.  Now have 49 squares knitted & sewn together (will deal with the curly edges at the end);

Saturday morning dawned quite sunny - again not what we were told. I headed with Country Girl to the Woodbridge Vintage Market.  Before we left it was time for Ernest to say goodbye to the VV household. Now him & little son had grown very fond of each other & there was a sad little face first thing;

Ernest waves goodbye to the VV household;

Its never straight forward when CG & I go out together - instead of just heading straight to the market,we detoured by shops in the town centre (as we do) and one charity shop in particular had loads of lovely bargains in it - both of us left there with a few things - here are mine;

(another pair of coloured needles, a ladybird book & a gorgous handmade patchwork pillowcase/cushion cover)

The market as ever was extremely busy with lots & lots of stalls all with very tempting wares.  Our first task was to hand Ernest over to his new Mummy.  This is the lovely Julie from Beach Bygones - she is hoping the weather is nice enough over the next few days so Ernest can accompany her & her children to the beach & to her beach hut :)

It was lovely to have a chat with Mrs Bobo Bun again  and this time  we were privilged to meet Mr Alfie Blue too - he is very gorgeous & I wish I'd have taken a photo of him :(  Naturally I had to purchase something pretty from her stall and settled upon a gorgeous crocheted brooch in a very Vicki green (I'd seen it on her blog earlier in the week & was hoping that it would be there waiting for me);

The heavens then opened so Country Girl & I sough shelter in a nearby cafe & had a quick coffee & cake & watched the world go by;

Sunday was another family day - we decided to head to Southwold as there was an exhibition I was interested in seeing;

It was very good and even the boys enjoyed it - though I'm not sure the owner was very thrilled at their occasional 'how much' comments!!

Afterwards we walked along the seafront toward the pier - as you can see from this picture despite the clouds it was fairly busy today;

We decided to walk in a different direction to normal - northwards towards Eastern Bravants - much quieter;

We got as far as were the land owner is trying to halt the cliff erosion before turning round, walking down to the harbour & then back via the canons to the carpark.

The final part of the Easter weekend has been quite quiet - this morning MrVV & I headed to a local carboot sale.  Seems lots of people had the same idea & for a cold bank holiday Monday it was very busy.  Despite my best efforts not to turn my blog into a shopping list, here's what today brought;
More Ladybird books, some buttons to cover, some that are pretty & a crochet hook (time to start learning).

The weather this afternoon has turned rather windy & chilly so the planned gardening has been postponed :( Instead I've been catching up on blog reading whilst MrVV has gone for a bike ride.  The boys are busy doing nothing apart from trying to eat their own body weights in chocolate ;)

Are you still with me? Gosh sorry to have waffled on so much. Here's to the important part - the winner of my Giveaway - Amy decided she'd pick out the name of her new Mummy;

It is...............

Winnibridggs @ Winnibriggshouse  :)  (yes I know my writing makes it looks like Winnibuggs!!).

Well done to her - I shall be in touch via your blog and thankyou to all who entered, follow & leave comments :)

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx


LoloDesigns said...

What a lovely easter you have had and some great finds. I so want to go to Southwold, it's only about an hour from me just haven't managed to get there yet. Everytime I read about it it reminds me I must get my behind in gear this year and go visit :o) xx

topchelseagirl said...

What a fun weekend you've had and lots of lovely purchases. I love the green crocheted brooch and the patchwork cushion cover.

Andrea said...

Beautiful memories you are creating.
Blessings, andrea

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fun packed weekend you have had, makes mine look very boring indeed.

bad penny said...

lovely post - so mant Bloggers in one place ! I shall pop over to see what Ernest gets up to - he does break hearts when he has to go !

Pooh's Abode said...

What a great Easter weekend , you've had. I was going to go to Woodbridge this week sometime to scour the charity shops but it seems as though you have beaten me to it.


A Country Girl said...

Well done Winnibriggs!

Vintage from the Village said...

Dont you worry about your blog being a shopping list - I love looking at what people bought !! more the better I reckon
Sue x

andamento said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, I loved reading about it (I'm so nosy!). Congrats to Winnibriggs too.

RosieP said...

Sounds like you've had a brilliant weekend.

Hugs RosieP x

The Patchwork Heart said...

wow you did well at the charity shops! you cant have too much patchwork! Im off to Chester today with hubby and am hoping for some good finds there! x

Sarah said...

I'm very proud of you for getting all your patches finished and stitched together! WEll done, you must be very proud of yourself as well.

LissyLou said...

erm yes Ipswich....not what i thought it would be when we took a day trip there!!! but lovely lovely southwold has to make up for it!!! glad you had a nice Easter x

JP said...

sounds like an excellent weekend with some good bargains

winnibriggs said...

Thank you so much Amy for picking me. You will be sure of a good home! We are all mad but believe life is for living. Thank you Vicki I look forward to my delivery.
What a wonderful weekend you had too! So many lovely purchases, I am quite jealous.
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

i love all your patchwork :o)