Sunday, 4 April 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

Oh yes its that time again. This month Josie Mary has picked the theme of a favourite photo (or 2 or even several).  I've pondered for several days about which photos to show as I've got quite a collection & so many that mean so much to me.  However time is of the essense so I've settled for 2 which were near at hand.

This photo is of myself, MrVV, Country Girl & Mr CG. It was taken in the summer of 1990 & is the 4 of us on our first grown up holiday together;
It's a shame its not come out clearer but this picture shows 4 young people who to be honest don't look old enough to be out by themselves, let alone in a foreign country - well France. I think Country Girl mentioned in her birthday post to be about this holiday & the fact that the pair of us had a minor muddle with the exchange rates & spent our first week drinking some rather fine french wines whilst the boys were drinking something of a far lower standard!!

I can't remember where exactly in France we were - somewhere in the middle!! I do remember that it was a lovely gite - everything you'd expect - windowboxes with red geraniums,'interesting' french plumbing and lots of lizards who'd sun themselves on the walls in the hot sunshine.

Can't believe this is almost 20 years ago.

The next photo is of my 2 boys. Now I've taken / had taken lots of pictures over the past 12 years of the two of them together & I think this one is my favourite;
Little son is about 18 months old & Big son is about 3 1/2 years old - this was taken by a photographer who visited the parent & toddler group we used to go to.  I remember he had quite a day - lots of reluctant little people & by the time it was our turn, I was dreading my 2 doing the same. However they were little sweeties & posed quite happily. Little son always used to chew his fingers so this picture captures the real him :) & Big son used to grin whenever he saw the camera (shame he's got so camera shy in recent months :( ).

Hope you're having a good Easter weekend?

See you tomorrow with some pictures of our weekend and also the name of my giveaway winner :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Josie-Mary said...

aahhh how lovely, you all look very young in that photo! Thanks for joining in :)
I've just posted...rather late!

bad penny said...

great photos & memories. My daughter is going to the Isle of Wight festival with friends - her first time away just kids on their own in a tent.....

JP said...

great photos

maryannlucy said...

Those photos are lovely. I love getting the photos out and spending evenings going through them and talking about the memories. Digital cameras are great, but I never get them printed off any more, I really must make the effort.