Sunday, 11 July 2010

Boats & Beans & other bits

Good evening from still hot & still sunny Suffolk - wonder how much longer this weather will last.

Am expecting it to change soon - mainly as there's a sports day this week and of course the Latitude Festival next weekend (getting a tad excited now about that)!

Friday night saw MrVV & I deposit the right boy with the right gear at 2 separate locations - with only the minor hazard of a closed road (and 3 mile detour) to negotiate!! However the detour did take us past the pub and it would have been rude not to call in for a quick drink wouldn't it ;)

Saturday we knew as soon as we woke was going to be a hot one - decided that as a treat for big son we'd head to Southwold for a fish & chip lunch on the Prom. Very scrummy - no pics - I forgot. We did a bit of celeb spotting too and spent a little while having a chat with Sean Lock (comedian) and his rather cute toddler son.

Had a wander along the prom - a perfect day - sunshine and calm sea;

A few mad people were being made dizzy on the boat trips;

Rather them than me - I'll settle for dry land any day.

The beach was fairly busy - lots of children digging and parents soaking up the sun.

We decided to head back home for the shade of our garden - MrVV with the papers and me with my knitting.

We were up very early this morning - 6am, so big son could catch the coach for the Youth Games. We managed to scare his old PE teacher - she really was shocked to see him taking part in a sports event - just shows with there is probably a 'right' sport out there for everyone.  He had a great day - playing singles/mixed & doubles - some wins and some close loses. I don't think he'll be awake too late tonight.

We had wanted to go and watch him this morning but as we had to collect little son in the middle of the day this wasn't possible :(

What a shock we got when we arrived at Little Son's camping base - he was covered in mozzie bites - 20 in total  including 5 really nasty ones on his face around one eye. They nearly called us last night to collect him but he wanted to remain with his friends. Lots of ice has been applied this afternoon and antihistamines taken - hopefully he won't look too bad for school tomorrow.

I've been looking enviously at lots of pics of homegrown veg on other blogs - well today its my turn to show the first few things picked from the garden - not much - enough to be added to a salad for dinner tonight though;

Very tasty they were too - look forward to more of these over the coming weeks.

Have a good week - just think for most its only 9 school days till the hols :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Halfpenny Home said...

Well done on getting any crops, my whole allotment is dying. Let's hope we do get some rain tonight.
We're in the middle of planning a trip to Southwold at this very moment and I can't wait, Nic x

Serenata said...

Nothing like fresh carrots and beans from the garden!

Certainly was a lovely weekend to be walking along the prom beside the sea :-) Still I guess I could imagine the M25 is the sea roaring!

mother of purl said...

Oooh what lovely pictures- we could have done with a sea breeze this weekend! Your veg is looking great- our beans aren't even nearly ready xx

Beach Bygones said...

Southwold looks fantastic in those photos! The weather has been unbelievably hot hasn't it. I've got a feeling that it will rain this week but then hopefully be sunny for Latitude. Hope you have a great time there. It looks good this year - wish we'd got organised to go!

Linda said...

Insect bites - not good - had same problem camping with cubs last month - ended up on antibiotics last weekend myself from some vicious little buggers in our garden!! Can't beat Southwold can you for a sunny day - but had a great day at Heveningham Country Fair in the sun :-)

bad penny said...

Very hot here for our festival but no bites - I kept cool drinking Pimms !

Anonymous said...

A beautiful day for a trip to Southwold ... :0)

How awful for your son to have all those mozzie bites.

Bit cooler today, thankfully!

Shirl x

Country Girl said...

T's record for mozzie bites was 35+, in France when he was about 5, so not much left of him to eat!
Would have loved to have seen the PE teachers face - so annoying to be labelled 'not sporty' just because you don't like football.

Florence and Mary said...

I used to take my friend to visit her grandparents and would always come away with a bundle of homegrown veggies - you can't beat the taste!

Victoria x

bellaboo said...

We did the same on Saturday...beach in the morning,pub.. and then relaxing in the garden with the papers...a perfect day!
Your poor boy! Mossie bites are horrible..I hope he recovers soon.
May the lovely weather continue for the sports day and festival.

Bellaboo :0)

Alijane said...

Your veg look good, it makes it all worthwhile when you finally get something to show for all the hard work.

Hope little son is feeling better. I have been attacked this year by the old mozzies too.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

a lovely lot of veggies there, better than us this year, we are still waiting for most our veg to magically appear :-) Hope your sons bites go soon - they can get quite horrid can't they :-(

Debbie said...

Wow! What a beautiful beach!
During this Summer holidays we intend to go to the beach to North Wales, it will be nearly 3 hours drive... but it will be worth it!
Even if it will be only for one day!
Home grown veggies... Yum! Yum!