Thursday, 29 July 2010

Spacemen, parcels & raindrops!!

Good evening

The holidays are going to quickly - could someone slow them down please. So much we want/need to do and already we are finding it hard to achieve everything!! 

Its quiet here tonight - MrVV & Little Son are at brass band practise and big son is at badminton. I've made it a little bit noisy - I've plugged my Ipod into the stereo (ingenious bit of wire - about £2 - instead of a docking station which would have cost lots more pennies - thank you Ebay).

This morning, I got to indulge in one of my favourite games - scare the postie!! Poor lady - least she didn't drop the parcels!! Apart from my bit of wire and another violin book for little son, there was also something lovely for me - my Shabby / Vintage Swap parcel from Aija @ Craftsmiles ;

All looked so pretty - it was hard to choose which one to open first.

Inside there were;

Hearts - one in patchwork and another in vintage fabric

Buttons, ribbons, smellies, some CK bluebell (my favourite), a notebook and a couple of books - all gorgeous and in Little Sons words - "very you Mum".
Chocolates (hidden from the menfolk), a pretty rosy pot and fabric (including the lovely folded fabric design in the background of the pictures).

Thank you Aija for my lovely pressies and Karen for organising this fun swap. 

Here is what I sent Aija;
A UJ cushion made from a selection of vintage fabrics, a CK purse, an vintage tray cloth, a bag of sweets, a shabby chic chalkboard, some needles, yarn & book to help her learn to knit (something she says she wants to do - and if I can do it then anyone can!!).

Talking of knitting - in between housework and gardening this week, I've been busy knitting more triangles - this time to make a cushion cover - one side is sewn together & I'm 2 triangles from having the 2nd side done;
The reason I've had lots of breaks is because after weeks of drought, we've have quite a bit of this;
The boys have been pretty self-sufficient - finding things they want to do and also helping me with various jobs which need doing before we go camping again soon. 

One thing we wanted to do together this summer was to go to the cinema to see the 3rd part of a film that is a family favourite. Plans were slightly scuppered when big son saw it with the school during activity week (and decided that once he'd seen it in 3D - normal 2D was not going to be as good) - so only little son & I headed off the other afternoon for a hot date with a cowgirl & a spaceman ;)
Definitely worth the 11 year wait :) - would recommend this to all - seems to suit all ages - I know my 24 year old brother has been with his mates - he remembers clearly seeing the first one when he was about 8!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lovely swap goodies .... this week has gone quickly but I've had a house full so I'm looking forward to my week off next week. I'll hopefully catch up with some UFOs! We enjoyed watching the lastest Nanny McPhee film this week .... it was lovely and I couldn't stop myself from drooling over that kitchen and all the blue & white china on the walls!

Elizabeths Attic said...

Seems you have had lots of rain, I thought it was only the North West that had such down pours...
I remember the school holidays well! The first two weeks seemed to drag then it was all systems go with school uniforms new shoes and of course the back to school hair cut.
Have a lovely weekend (when it arrives)

Kelly said...

What lovely swap goodies!
And lots of rain! Wow i keep having to water the garden here!!!

Lisa said...

Lovely swap items, send and received. Those buttons look so pretty.
We are hoping to see the film next week!
Lisa x

Tilly Rose said...

Fab swap goodies!
Glad you two had some shabby fun!.....

Speak soon when I get back from france.
Karen x x x

LissyLou said...

gorgeous gorgeous swaps xx

bad penny said...

what lovely things. We went to see Eclipse ...Toy Story hAS BECOME A CULT BOY THING - ALL jESS'S MALE FRIENDS ARE GOING TO SEE IT !


CraftySmiles said...

Hello. I am glad you like it.I already started on knitting ,will see how it goes : )
And yes i keep forgetting to tell you- Your dollies are well cool.
Have a good weekend xxxx

bellaboo said...

We could do with some of that rain down here!
The Summer seemed to go on for ever when we were kids didn't it? Looking forward to seeing completed cushion!

Bellaboo ;o)

Amanda said...

I do love seeing you over at mine, Vicki! I've been trying to persuade Little J that she REALLY wants to see Toy Story! No luck so far. We have a little purse with monthly fun spends in it and quite often we go to the cinema with i,t but I think this month she fancies a change. Grrr. I'm not giving up! Love your swap goodies! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely swap goodies :) wow that's a lot of rain, I keep hoping it will rain over night so I don't have to water the garden!!! :)

雅王任 said...

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Primrose Patch said...

You lucky thing, to receive such lovely swap goodies. Raining does have it's benefits,it has rained here today so no need to water the garden tonight, hoorah. x