Thursday, 22 July 2010

Flowers, clocks and a camp heap ;)

Good evening

Hurrah term has finally ended - the boys are both very happy about this. Though they have both enjoyed their last week of term - both had activity weeks and have had a great time - particularly big son, he's been to a theme park, seen Toy Story 3 in 3D, spent the day learning more diabolo tricks and today he's been paint-balling - lucky child. I remember our end of term trip when I was young was either Norwich Castle or Bressingham Steam Museum!!

Many months ago as part of a swap (can't remember which one) - I received from Jen @ TheMadHouse some sweetpea seeds. After a slow start they've suddenly sprung to life this week and this afternoon after they took a battering in a heavy shower, I cut some to bring into the house;

Gorgeous - they smell divine - thanks Jen :)

I also finally collected something today that I've meant to for several weeks. This little clock belonged to my late grandad & it was one of several he used to remind he to take his medication.  I have been helping my Mum & Aunt sort out his belongings and asked if I could have this as a little reminder of him and his ways;

This week has been so busy - getting sorted from last weekend and preparing for forthcoming  camping trip. Just as I finished my last load of  washing, when my machine died!! Have arranged for the engineer to come first thing on Monday ( a washing free weekend then) to sort it out - it could be such an ouch moment IF we didn't rent our machine. Instead if he can't repair it - he'll just swap it for a replacement - phew!

Now this camping trip is an annual ritual - 3 families (6 adults & 6 children) - a new campsite each year. This group includes my mate Country Girl and a friend we've known for many many years. Heaps have been forming all over the house & this afternoon to make space to get to my sewing machine (must finish my latest swap pressies!!), lots of it was doubled checked and dragged downstairs and it can clutter up the hall instead!!;

Tomorrow is day 1 of the hols - wonder how it will go? Whether I'll be looking forward to day 2 or counting the hours till September!! I shall let you know next time ;)

xxx Vicki xxx


winnibriggs said...

Those were the days. When the year was marked by term time! We too used to camp in the main holidays, my 'kids' 43 & 39 now!! still talk about it with great fondness. The piles of stuff in your hall brings it all back. Have a great holiday.
Jenny x

harmony and rosie said...

Have a wonderful holiday, sounds great fun. I think the clock is a lovely keepsake and I also hope you are all coping well after the passing of your Grandad.

K x

Debs said...

Have a great time camping, I hope the weather is good for you.
Now, getting ready for the trip is quite fun,and I don't know how you feel, but I absolutely hate coming home with everything to wash and put away so I hope you have a fixed or replacement washing machine by then to make it easier for you!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Yayyyy, Good Morning Campers hee hee!!!

As you know, we LOVE camping, so I wish you lots of sunny times during your trip under the stars. Mine went mad for 'Bat-watch' and 'Owl-watch' walks every night, it was our little ritual before hot choc, teeth cleaning and bed! Ohhhhh can we come with youuuu????

I love the clock, what a sweet reminder of your dear Grandad. xxx

Sarah said...

Sounds like you'll have great fun. My two have done far more this last week than we ever did when we were that age! Toy Story 3 was brill.

bad penny said...

That's lovely about the clock - I have several items which belonged to my grandparents.

Have a fabulous holiday xx

Magic Bean said...

Oh that clock. I had one like that when I was a girl. Enjoy the camp up, hope you've got the red, white and corkscrew packed. Ax

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I am smiling at that clock. That is the sort of clock my dad always uses. Nothing else will do!

Sounds a busy time for you. Typical with the washing machine! just when you could do without the hassle.

Have a great time camping, sounds like it will be great fun for you all.


Floss said...

I have some sweetpeas fro seedsd send by Lululiz and they are wonderful too!

Have a great time camping - I identify with the idea of camping heaps!

bellaboo said...

A lovely reminder of your dear grandfather..I love the name,Baby Ben!
Hope the weather stays fine for your camping trip.Sorry about your washing machine.If ours breaks down we'll never be able to get it out from under the worktop without tearing up the new vinyl floor,as it's so tightly fitted!

Bellaboo ;o)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh sweetpeas, ours are blooming well now.

I love that you kept your grandads clock, I used to swear that I was sure out grandad was telling us he was still around by making his clock in his old home tick louder when we were there - always made me smile :-)

Have a fab holiday.

Lisa said...

Enjoy all you have planned over the summer hols, hope the camping trip is good fun!
Lisa x

JuicyFig said...

We are having a break from our freinds and family camp this year - I am going to miss it!
I hope you all have a wonderful time and that the sun shines for you


Debbie said...

Hope that the sun will shine... in order for you and your family and friends... enjoying a wonderful camping holidays!
In another words... have fun!


Beach Bygones said...

Hope you're having a great camping trip. Look forward to hearing all about it!

佳瑩佳瑩 said...