Friday, 13 May 2011

Home working - attempt 2

Good evening

Like most bloggers who posted yesterday, I've fallen foul to the problems that blogger has had in the past 24 hours - seems everyone who posted yesterday has lost their posts. Blogger has reset itself to a point in time when it was working - losing my post I wrote yesterday afternoon - oh joy.

Anyhow - I shall attempt to recreate my post - just because I like to keep my blog as a diary for myself as well as sharing things with you, my lovely readers, commenter's and followers.

Now what did I say??? Something along the lines of;

As I may have mentioned before I am very lucky to have MrVV work from home - his office is the little study at the bottom of the stairs and his warehouse is a few miles away - though at some points our garage seems to double as a warehouse too. At least we'll never be short of something to sit on!!   Well this week, I've joined him working from home too - some boring and some more interesting.

As the weather has been lovely - I decamped to the summerhouse;

As well as cutting pattern pieces out for more raggies, I've also been kind and done a mountain of filing for MrVV;

A lovely sunny spot to work - even the view is quite pleasant - ignore the laundry but note the blue skies and yellowing grass;

I needed to get some raggies made - some for the fair, more for the shop and 4 for an order I received when I was in the Post Office the other day! A lady I sort of know, stopped me and once she confirmed I was the right sister, she asked me to make her 3 dolls to take to the US later this year. She then asked if I I could make her a boy version too as there were 4 children in the family she's visiting. Of course I said yes - a boy doll is something I've thought about for a while - I just needed that kick to come up with something. Here he is - he's based on my youngest son and sons of several friends - meet RaggieWill;

Apart from that stroke of luck, I  had another on Tuesday :). Each week I go to visit my Grandma, to help her with her housework, have a coffee and of course put the world to rights. She's very interested in my crafting and I often take her examples of what I've been working on and photos of any stalls that I do. She was impressed with the teacup pincushions. This week when I arrived she took me over to a cupboard and told me I could take whatever was inside. Oh how lucky - it was full of china - mostly covered in pink flowers - my favourite sort. My late Grandad was a collector and he owned so many tea sets. These got used each summer when they hosted garden parties mainly in aid of the local WI. Here's what there was;

14 teacups and saucers

Loads of spare saucers and some tea plates - enough to make some cake stand both 2 and 3 tier :)

I can't remember exactly what I wrote after this but it probably is no longer relevant - thanks blogger. Whats the betting that the original post appears at some point too! Oh well.

Just one more picture for today - the print that hangs on the back wall of the summerhouse - kind of sums up the whole working from home business;

Off to make some more dollies - the plan is to have 5 made by Monday, then another 5 by next weekend!

See you soon 

xxx Vicki xxx


Elegancemaison said...

Well done VV! I'm afraid that I lost heart and have not recreated a fairly long report on my day at Vintage at The Village Hall on Monday. Even trying to do a simple new post poking fun at my blog took ages and photos slipped away etc. Because of earlier problems with Blogger I had been considering moving to Wordpress like many others I follow. Now sadly I'm actively on the case.

Lisa said...

Thank goodness it was just one post that got lost!
Well done on the raggy Will, hope he's a success.
Lisa x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I commented on this post too! Bloody Blogger! I admired the cups and was looking forwars to seeing the end result!

Dolly is a gorgeous lady! x

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Well done on recreating the post! I commented on the orginal too, such a pain that all these posts and comments lost! Have a fabulous weekend Scarlett x

Romi and Bob said...

Hi there,
I am new to your blog and I thought I would pop by and say hi.
I love the teacups. It is so sweet that they are being passed down through the family. The doll is a sweetie. I make rag dolls too but you seem to be able to make them much faster than I.
It is a pain that blogger was playing up. At least it is back on now,

Penelope said...

Love all your grandad's collection of such pretty cups, lovely that your grandmother is happy to pass them down the family line. I thought there was something iffy wit blogger yesterday....hmm hope it starts behaving itself! Lucky you having a summerhouse! have a fab weekend xox

Claire said...

love your summer house and your rag doll! and those cups!!!! so funny if you see my post from today:)

delia hornbook said...

Hi Vicki, I haven't had access to blogger for 2 days and sadly there is no way i will be able to catch up with everyone. Love your summer house what a gorgeous outside space. Bless your gran what a lovely collection of cups ;-)) And i love your rag boy he is ace ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Thank you for your lovely Good Luck Message Vicki! I will be composing posts in my head through the wee small hours I expect!
Hope you hit your dolly target!

Sarah x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

gggrr to blogger, i panicked that i had lost a rather long post and really couldn't remember exactly what I babbled on about but like you like it as an online diary :-( Luckily they have returned yey!

Florence and Mary said...

Your Home Sweet Home print is lovely!

Victoria xx

Jenny at Red House said...

Just love Raggiewill we sell a lot of boy dolls in our shops, pirates and sailors are very popular, jennyx

Shirl said...

Love your new raggie. Working from home certainly has its bonuses, sometimes I can't believe Nick has been self-employed for 10 years.