Monday, 2 May 2011

Hooray its May

Good afternoon

Good news - my computer is mended. Dear MrVV spent most of Saturday installing a new hard drive and then painstakingly copying everything I needed from old disk onto the new one and then making sure everything worked - total darling he is.

What a lovely weekend - another sunny bank holiday - here's hoping its the same at the end of month.

Friday was a very lazy day - MrVV & I watched all the Wedding coverage - I loved it and think they make a smashing couple.

Saturday was computer repair day. I kept out of the way - I gave in and had a housework blitz - even the boys found their floors and finally put all their clean clothes into drawers/cupboards rather than just heaps all over the floor.

Sunday was wonderful. MrVV & I had planned a day out together - the boys were asked but as soon as they heard the mention of Morris dancing they opted instead to remain hobbits at home. Their loss - we had a wonderful time. We headed up to Geldeston Locks which is the most amazing little pub on a river bank. Its reached by a little and bumpy track and was very hidden.

They were planning an all day celebration of Beltane. We didn't make the 5am start but did get there in time for a scrummy pub lunch and for some of the afternoon entertainment;

Traditional Maypole dancing and crowning of the May Queen (just hidden near the tree in the shade)

 Morris Dancing

 Mummers - oh where was St George when I needed him for the Photo Hunt !!
More Morris Dancing - can never have enough :)

We wished we could have stayed longer but we'd promised to be at the 90th birthday party of a neighbour. I am glad we did go there - we had a lovely evening - plenty of wine/beer and all within staggering distance of our house :) Even the boys came for a while and were soon dragged off by the neighbours Great-Grandson to push him on a swing.

Today was a family day - it gets quite tricky nowadays to persuade the boys out but some things are too tempting for them to want to miss. Think Southwold - Pennyfalls, walk, chips for lunch, more walking and then an ice-cream - they agreed and we had a lovely if slightly wind-swept and salt sprayed time;

 Pennyfalls - little son & I made our £1's worth of 2ps last for ages AND we won 3 prizes.

You know its spring when all the beach huts are put back along the Prom.

Last time I did a Southwold post someone commented on the lack of cannons - well here's one with me & little son on it.

Lastly yesterday morning MrVV & I headed to a different car boot sale which has just started again for the season - I was desperate for more teacups and saucers to convert into pincushions - I struck lucky - 4 matching sets & 1 mix/match one - for the princely total spend of just £3.50. Rather handy as I've just booked into a Vintage/Craft fair at the end of the month!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Isobel said...

Your cups and saucers are so cute! I can only imagine the adorable pincushions you are going to make. :)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What a lovely day out ~ pub lunch AND morris dancing :) sounds 'perfick' Glad Mr VV was able to fix the pooter for you. We had that last year, Hubs had to install a new hard drive. But then it died again recently, was yet again given the kiss of life but hubs treated me to a netbook and I love it to bits. Good luck with the next craft, where is it and when? x

Serenata said...

Looks like a really fabulous day out, just look at that wonderful blue sky! Have fun with the tea cups. :-)

Northern Hi-Lights said...

mention a walk in our house and you wouldn't believe the moaning and protests, fortunalty right now they are young enough not to have a choice, can see exactly the same happening to us when they are older...lovely photos BTW xx

Lisa said...

Lots of lovely images of suuny May days.
Lisa x

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Oh, it looks like a lovely day out :o)

I'm the only one who likes ALL those things in my family, so I'd be on my own enjoying them LOl

I spied your patchwork skirt which I love the look of :o)

Have a great week Vicki, and good luck at all your fairs :o)

Kandi said...

Oohh result, those cups are lovely! Looks like a wonderful day out, I know what you mean it's almost impossible to get our 4 out of the house together.
Love the May day photos, was looking for Lord Summerisle in the crowd :)
Kandi x

delia hornbook said...

Lovely to see you back ;-)) Great photo's looks like some lovely days and new memories, Have a lovely week, dee x

**Anne** said...

You've been having a wonderful time from the looks of your photos. Glad you got the computer fixed, thank goodness for clever hubbies.
I would love to see May pole dancing one day. It would help if I was in the U.K. on May day wouldn't it. :)
Have a great week,
Anne xx

WoodbankCrafts said...

Sounds like lots of lovely days out, pictures are great :) x

Madison said...

Oh lovely tea cups and what a bargain. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. I look forward to the time when the Wee Man can stay at home himself and the Big Man and I can go on day long dates. WOld be lovely.

Ellouise88 said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out. I do so love May Day and all the traditions! What super cups too!

Penelope said...

I do love a maypole dance and them morris dancers! Love your cups ad saucers, I was given a pretty set for my birthday and may jus attempt this very clever idea of yours xox Enjoy the sunshine in May x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

looks like you had a fab time x

bellaboo said...

Just the sort of day out we enjoy! Hasn't it been a wonderful Spring so far? Love the pics too.Those cups and saucers were a great bargain. :0)

Rubyred said...

Ah, a lovely family day out! Those cups and saucers are so pretty, a great find!
Rachel x