Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - May

Hello again

The last day of the month can only now mean one thing - time for more photos. As usual some were easy to find whilst others proved trickier and some clever thinking was needed;

 A bicycle - definately not a difficult one for me!

 A black & white portrait - me

 Something blue - the sky at the beginning of the month

 An interesting building - this little house is on the seafront in Aldeburgh - it looks like a slightly oversized play house. It is now a holiday let - but probably only for small people!!

 A butterfly - on the side of my new sunglasses.

 A cartoon character - a knitted Spongebob toy that belongs to little son.

 An emergency vehicle - the landrover belonging to the Lifeboat crew in Aldeburgh

 A red door - on a beach hut in Southwold

 Sign of the zodiac - Libra - ok not the right sort of scales but the best I could muster!!

 A streetlight - this was tricky - we have one in our lane and it is not working (again) at the moment. This light is in my neighbours garden - I keep expecting to see Mr Tumnus beside it!!

 Texture - buttons in my tin 

Lastly - think vintage - part of our stall at the Vintage Fair - complete with vintage teacups, suitcase and vintage embroidered tablecloth.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Great piccies, love the 'Libra' my star sign so needed to be a bit whacky!

Kathy said...

A great set of photos .... I love that little house! Thanks for joining in!

Serenata said...

Wonderful selection of photos for the hunt Vicki. Oops, I better get a move on today...how did the end of May get here so quickly?

Jacquie said...

Hi Vicki , love your photos . The buttons look great and your stall is lovely .I always love a beach hut too :0)
Jacquie x
I've still got 3 to find !

Lisa said...

I want to stay in that holiday let!
Really good photos,love the butterfly.
Looking forward to seeing more of that blue sky too!
Lisa x

Bee happy said...

Great photos, I love the seaside ones :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Louise said...

Great photos and lucky you - where I am there hasn't been any blue sky this month!!

The interesting building could do with a coat of paint, it doesn't look appealing as a holiday let at the moment!

crafts@home said...

Love the texture photo, and the bike, but the little house..... I want to live there!
Sue Xx

Shirl said...

Wonderful piccies, especially your bike. Your stall looked good, hope Vintage Soul went well for you ... :0)

Isobel said...

Wonderful pictures, Vicky! xx

Peonies and Pennies said...

Great pictures, love the Spongebob. Need to get mine sorted. ~c~

Miss Magpie said...

Hello swap partner :-)

I think my likes are in my blog the only thing I may not have mentioned I don't like is pink! I have been busy reading all you back posts for inspiration.......

Country Girl said...

I was a bit worried we might have gone for the same local building but fortunately not!

Rose&Bird said...

Great photos, wish I had time to take part in these sorts of things!

Ah, the Broom Cupboard - them were the days! Milkshake is a similar thing, but without the puppets and the presenters sing and dance. Don't think you'd have caught Phillip Schofield doing that! Mind you, wasn't he in a few musicals back in the day?

Catherine said...

Great pictures! Aldeburgh looks very appealing! Cx

Claire said...

i love the Land Rover pic of course :)

Andrea said...

Hi Vicki,

I love the funny little house, what fun it must be to live there!
All great photos, your vintage one does it for though!
Have a great week,
Andrea x

topchelseagirl said...

Your bicycle photo is dreamy!

Victoria said...

Love those photos. Thank you. x

ellen's 52 said...

I love the cottage - it looks designed for me!
Great pics, nice to see Suffolk too :-)