Monday, 16 May 2011

Up above the streets and houses....

A rainbow :)

 Not the clearest of pictures but in my defence it was only there for a very short while - just long enough to grab the camera and snap quickly! Well a rainbow in the sky can only mean one thing - we've had a bit of rain here in Suffolk finally - only a few mm's but better than nothing. In fact its raining again at the moment so I've swapped my plans for the day round - blogging first and then outdoor stuff later!

It was a rare treat when the heavens opened on Saturday afternoon - the drive got a wash and the car got its dusty coating removed too;

 The plants were pleased to get a watering too.

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. MrVV & I were up early, we headed out to a car boot sale - first time we've had a chance for a few weeks. Well worth going - a few treats came home with me;

A pretty rose painted jug for my collection - just £1.50

A smocky style dress for me - brand new - a bargain for just £2

A complete set of vintage happy family cards - not sure whether to keep these or sell them on.

After the boot sale, we headed off out to breakfast (The Pelican in Aldeburgh) - just the 2 of us - a full english and gallons of coffee - wonderful - shall be heading back there again soon. When we got home the boys were both still dead to the world - they'd not even missed us!

Today sees the start of a busy week - big son who is in Y10 has some GCSE exams this week (and for the next month), he finally gets to go out tonight for his birthday treat (off to see Tim Vine), there's parents evening, brass engagements and a rare night out for MrVV & I too. Oh and of course there's more sewing to do - Raggy5 is almost done - shall start on No6 later.

Here's hoping for a good week - some sunshine and of course blogger working normally!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - I've deleted the post that blogger ate and then spat back after I'd re-written it - sorry to the people who commented on it. Seemed silly having 2 almost identical posts on here.


Lisa said...

You packed lots into your weekend. Like the new jug and that top is fab.
And breakfast out, what a treat!
Lisa x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Perfect weekend by the sounds of it. Love the dress and the Happy Families card. Blogger ate half the entries to my giveaway, can you pop back over and recomment please?

Floss said...

I'm glad to se you got both rain and a good car boot! Those cards are great. I had a second VG yesterday (in sunshine this time) and shall post some of my finds in the next day or two. One of them's soaking in the bath at the moment...

Hope your next few (full!) weeks go well - I quite understand about not travelling well alone. My grandma was the same and it took marrying a naval man to breed some half-decent navigation genes into our family!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

ooooooh the happy family cards!!! Love those!! Hope you have a fabulous (busy) week. Scarlett x

Florence and Mary said...

I think I found some of those Happy Family cards on one of my travels - where they are now I have no idea!!!!

Sounds like a great weekend, everyone seems to have brought jugs at the boot sales and now I'm regretting not buying the pretty jug I saw!!

Victoria xx

Bee happy said...

Love the cards and the dress! breakfast sounds fab :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Serenata said...

I think Blogger may have eaten my comment! So apologies if you end up with it twice, but I wanted to wish Big Son good luck with his exams. We haven't had much rain here yet, just dribbles, not enough to really water the garden.

Catherine said...

Love you car booty! The dress is GORGEOUS!! Lucky you! Cx

Rose&Bird said...

Aren't rainbows lovely? You should have been in the Peak District last week - it rained every day while we were on holiday!

Good luck to big son for his exams x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Love the cards and the smock dress, brilliant finds as usual Mrs VV :) x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Your weekend sounds fabby!
D'you know, I sang your post heading in my head when I read it (if that makes sense!) is that what you did when writing it?
And unfortunately I cannot, now, get it out of my head...those were the days...LOL

Love your finds..that dress was a good bargain!
My eldest is doing her GCSE's (y10) too at the moment..they seem a bit young don't they?

Have a great week Vicki..It's my big 40 tomorrow..wish me luck Lol ;o)

Isobel said...

Loving your dress! So cute!

Pomona said...

Lovely dress - and I do envy you the rain!

Pomona x

delia hornbook said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend ;-)) lovely finds to. dee x

Victoria said...

What a great weekend and what a GREAT dress. x

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love your finds and you made the rain look beautiful, we have been having a lot of it here and there!

Madison said...

Love the jug. I really look forward to DS growing up enough for us to leave him in bed whilst we go out. Another 10 years I think and we'll be there!
Madison xxx

Madison said...

I just got the name of your post's title. Innocent days. I once organised a leaving do at work for our director (big do, big budget) and I hired the actor who played Bungle to MC the event. I didn't know at the time he was Bungle, but everyone was well impressed. Bungle taking the Mick out of the Boss...classic!