Monday, 27 June 2011

Beeing kind

Good evening

Yep me again - well I am a creature of habit - its Monday so it must be a blogging night!

Thanks for all the comments on the crochet - yes it is addictive - I am just glad I've cracked it - means I'll be able to take it to Dorset with me next month and probably to Latitude too!Am hoping to have a completed blanket by winter time.

Today has been so hot here even with a sea breeze, all the windows open and the ceiling fans in the kitchen working overtime. I hated those fans when we moved in but every summer they come into their own and make the kitchen the best place to be on a hot day.

Everyone knows about the dwindling bee population in this county - well I think I've found where lots are living - my Hebes in the front garden;

 They move so fast, it took me ages to get a photo!

Despite a severe trimming in the autumn, both Hebes are massive again.

Now I'm not much of a garden but I do like plants that attract wildlife. The lavender hedge we planted last summer has taken off and will soon be in full flower;

I must find something to put into that chimney pot.

When it was my Mum's birthday a few weeks ago I bought her several lavender plants for her garden - I couldn't resist adding an extra for me - I knew there was a perfect empty spot.

So next time you're wondering where all the bees are - don't worry, lots of them are in my garden. I must find an identification book - apart from big fat bumble, normal bumble and honey I couldn't tell you what types there were!!

Right I ought to go for a bloggy wander and then try and do some of the jobs it was just to hot today to attempt - most importantly putting sheets onto our bed - failing that it will be the camping mattresses in the garden for us tonight - you just know that would make it rain!

Another beeing kind thing - I've volunteered to have my little nieces and nephew here on Thursday when their school is closed due to strikes  - by Thursday evening I might regret that!

See you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx


Miss Creativity said...

You are lucky with your Hebe. I trimmed mine back and killed the poor thing so my son had to cut it right down and dig it up. I did not realise how big it was until I saw the big gap in my back garden boarder.... Oh well time to get to the garden centre.
Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx

Bee happy said...

Great photos of your garden it looks so lovely there :) I adore lavender plants aswell and have them everywhere! Good luck for Thursday, maybe some crafting could come in useful!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

crafts@home said...

What lovely lavender, and amazing hebes, I didn't know there were different types of bees! probably because I run away very quickly if one ever comes near me, I don't see them :(
Sue Xxx

lemonade kitty said...

Just look at the size of those hebe's they're massive!! What a lovely spot to sit it will be lovely to hear the bees humming away, Lucey x

Serenata said...

They love our hebe as well, I think we have the same variety! I have some lavender already flowering and some that is just starting to get buds on. It has been just too hot to really do anything today though.

Madison said...

Oh yes ceiling fans are my friends. When we moved into our house there was a whopping great ceiling fan in the living room and we were going to take it down. I'm so glad we didn't because every summer we put the fan on full, sit under it and don't move. Which is where I've been all afternoon. ;)

Madison xxx

**Anne** said...

Your Hebes are gorgeous as is your Lavender. I've not had much success with either of those in my garden. Too much shade. I love seeing bees in the garden and love having flowers for them to make their honey.
I'm wondering how hot your day gets for you to feel uncomfortable? I'm not too happy if it gets to 35C which it does in summer here.
Have a lovely week,
Anne xx

bad penny said...

Lovely post. Bees love hebes don't they ? I have a pretty shrub I call The Bee Bush as when it's in flower, it attracts them like mad !
I can't stand it too hot. Sunday was so hot. I put clean sheets on our bed last night ... nice & cool !

Lace hearts said...

We have bees - very big bees! I think your wonderful picture has persuaded me to buy a hebe. They look so lovely. Our lavender is also thriving.
Thanks for your comment on the supermarket issue. Honestly, I despair. They are all as bad as each other!

Catherine said...

You know, I don't think I have seen too many bees here this year?! I hadn't really noticed before! I have one lavender in my garden...maybe I need to think of getting more. Cx

August Paddock said...

I love bees, we had one of those bushes at our old house and currently have a spot free in the boarder due the death of a bush so I think a Hebe would fill it nicely!

DearHelenHartman said...

What a lovely blog you have! Happy to have found you through a link on Vintage Vixen and to be your latest follower.

Samantha Schroeder said...

Your home sounds magical. And I am so happy to have just discovered your blog! Look forward to visiting you often! xo Samantha

Vix said...

What a beautiful garden, I love the bench and that pretty bay window. Your hebes are magnificent and so is your lavender, you certainly make a better gardener than me. I've no idea about bees either but we've had some massive ones this year, they drive the cats daft. x

Pomona said...

Sounds like you have lots to occupy you - great to have a bee-friendly garden - a cause after my own heart. Hope you might come over and join in my giveaway - I think it might appeal to you!

Pomona x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

I love all of your flowers! And that pic of a bee was well worth persevering for :o)

If your coming to Dorset next month, I'll give you a wave as you go past ;o)