Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - June

Blimey if I'm posting pics for June then we're half way through the year - where does the time go?

As with the other months - some pics were easy to find and others took some thinking and meant I actually had to shop for one of them!!

Anyhow here goes;

 Architectural detail - tricky - the best I could find was our bay window - one of the nicest bits of our house. We appear to have bats roosting in the space about the bay !

 Branches - on the dead but very much lived in and ivy covered tree in the corner of our garden - I think it was an elm.

 Cheese - grated and ready to be added to a pizza.

 Cutlery - a basket of mismatched teaspoons.

 Elephant - I chose my weekend bottle of wine because it had elephants on the label - it tasted good too ;)

 Farm animal - a painted cow which is in fact a photo holder.

 Childhood memory - I had this Fisher Price school house for my 6th birthday, it was the best present and I spent hours playing with it - its still used by visiting children. It also reminds me of my first school - in a converted church in Berkshire. When I read the Miss Read books that reminds me so much of how I remember my school.

 Night - my bedside table.

 Something with town name on it - not my town but one I visit so often its like my 2nd home!

 View outside a door - taken on our camping trip at the beginning of the month - big son, MrVV and the campsite from the tent doorway.

 Wheel trim - from MrVV's car.

Something beginning with Z - I was pondering over this when I looked on the corner of my desk and there was Zippy waiting for 'his'? pic to be taken!!

Trying to guess what might be on the July list - must be something holiday related??

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Miss Magpie said...

Good way to chose wine! lol

Madison said...

Lovely pics. Love the pic of your bedside table. Very atmospheric.

Madison xxx

Pink Milk said...

I do enjoy reading these 'hunts'. Love your choice for 'elephant' and sighed with nostalgia at the Fisher Price scene and, of course, Zippy! I never knew that the chap who voiced Zippy and George, who sadly died very recently, was also the voice of the original daleks!

Enjoy the rest of your day Vicki.


Gem said...

Some great pics, I am still hunting for some of mine, I need to be quick though, time is running out xxx

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

That campsite you stayed at does look nice you know :o)

Love Zippy :o) Those were the days ;O)

crafts@home said...

I love the teacup and saucer in the 1st picture:) I want one..... and if were half way through the year it must be less than 6 months until C********!
Sue Xxx

Lisa said...

Glad the scavenger hunt helped in finding a new wine you like, what a bonus!
I see you have a RB book there. Have you read Hens' Dancing? I love that one.
Can't believe we are halfway through 2011, it really doesn't seem possible.
Lisa x

Catherine said...

Brilliant pictures! Cx

Kathy said...

Great photos... thanks for joining in! I love your Fisher Price school house. We had a FP cottage for our children ... happy memories. I like your interpretation of 'night' too .... I never thought beyond the obvious sky!

janis said...

Ahhh I LOVED this! Great Post♥

**Anne** said...

Love your photos. especially the wine one!!! :) I am really enjoying everybody's contributions to this photographic hunt. I wonder what's on July's list.
Anne xx

"Petunia Pill" said...

I'm new to the scavenger hunt so this is my first month meeting all you participants! What fun! I'm kinda in love with Zippy! How cute is that? And your cheese picture quite literally made my mouth water! And your bedside table...looks to be a very soothing and warm, welcoming location! Enjoyed seeing your little piece of the world through pics! Have a great month! Annette

Louise said...

Great photos! I almost took a picture of a zippy at school! Good thinking for 'night' - and the wine for elephant!

Patrice said...

Great photos - the view outside a door is so slice of life!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

These photos were great! Love the Zippy-mouthed guy and the view outside your door. Anyone who camps in a tent is a pioneer in my book! It looks like so much fun...but somehow it has never really been something I could do very well. It was nice to find your blog via the Scavenger Hunt effort!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Love the Fisher Price school, I've never seen one of those before.

jordiegirl said...

Well done - great photos.

Peonies and Pennies said...

Oh i'm loving your zippy, now that is another childhood memory. Great photos again. ~x~