Monday, 20 June 2011

Morris can Can-Can!

Good evening

Blimey where did the weekend go? One minute I was settling down to a Friday night glass (or 2) of the red stuff and the next minute the alarm was whining in my ear and apparently it was Monday morning and time to get up!!

It was one of those weekends - taken up with hobbies and being busy. Big son has just kept himself busy over the weekend - out with friends and then just enjoying not having to do any revision! Little son & MrVV have played for 3 different brass engagements and I've sold a few more bits and been a brass groupie!!

Saturday was Little Son's school fete - the weather was typically British - sunshine and showers. Most of the showers happened whilst the band weren't playing. MrVV got roped into joining in with them - as the teacher pointed out - he was going to be there so he might as well play too!

No photos from Saturday - I was just too busy - selling stuff and catching up with friends I only ever seem to bump into a school events these days.

Sunday was brass x 2. The morning they took part in an event on Aldeburgh beach which was part of the Aldeburgh Festival. Brass players - playing random pieces, scattered over the beach and then brought together - all conducted by Semaphore! Yep, very different. They weren't quite sure what to expect but it seemed to go really well;

 One small boy - hiding behind his instrument.

 Their brass band - also taking part where musicians from local schools and youth groups.

 Gorgeous deckchairs - never sat on - just for display.

The sharp eyes amongst you may be thinking you've seen similar pics today - that because you have - Dawn was there as her son was playing with the school brass group. Little son had the choice and opted for the silly clothes wearing option - wanted to be like his Dad on Fathers Day!!

In the afternoon, the school band were playing in Dunwich and the plan had been to drop me off and for just the 2 of them to go together. However, my mind was changed for me and I went along too. Rather glad I did - not only the band but Morris Dancing too and you know I love that!!

 The dancers were invited to join in when the band played the Can-Can (hence the post title!!)

Don't tell anyone but next weekend, there are no brass engagements!! Already we are planning a weekend off - just some family time. Whats the betting something crops up in the week!!?

I had hoped to show you some more crochet progress but to be honest there hasn't been much over the weekend - a few stitches here and there but nothing more than that. Maybe next time!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Scarlett said...

I love morris dancers too, only gutted they didnt have any at the summer fetes i went to this weekend. Scarlett x

Claire said...

fun! we went to Southwold yesterday and only got a few spits of rain:)

mad about bags said...

i love morris men too!!! everyone seems to think i'm crackers but we know different don't we!!!
the event on aldeburgh beach looked fabulous as did all those brass instruments...hopefully more crochet time next weekend

Annaboo said...

I used to play in a brass band as a kid, so this brings back great memories.- looks like good fun.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Gosh what a busy time for you all!

Loved those deck chairs too yummy! The event by the sea looked great fun.

Hope you get your weekend off!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Tee hee, it looks so much fun.

Jane said...

Love the Morris dancers - I haven't seen any for years. Maybe they don't exist in the North West? Anyway, lovely to see your pics even if I have to just imagine the dancing!

Lisa said...

I love those deckchairs, such vibrant stripes.
Lisa x

Catherine said...

Phew! What a busy time! I hope your week has a somewhat more peaceful pace! Cx

Anonymous said...

What fantastic hats the morris dancers are wearing. Real works of art, aren't they?!

Jackie said...

Wow - what a busy weekend! Love the photo of them all on the beach - they do look smart. I haven't forgotten your bear - he's currently in pieces waiting to be put together! x

Jenny Woolf said...

Particularly stylish morris dancers I thought. Where are they from? I love them too.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

with you on the 'how is it monday' front.
Lovely pictures - there's enough crochet all over the place - but only here do I get brass bands and morris dancers.
Cleggy plays a mean trumpet cornet (if you can play a mean one) and LOVED the whole band thing. Nothing like playing in a group - and on the beach? fab!

nice round up
fee x

Josie-Mary said...

wow what a busy weekend :) x

Liz said...

Looks like a great weekend! The music on the beach sounds like fun!

delia hornbook said...

Looks like a lovely family weekend. Those photo's on the beach are great and so bright and clear. I have to admit to never getting the whole morris dancing thing and have to admit to the fact that they freak me out some what ;-)) don't know why. Enjoy your week, dee x

Penelope said...

Looks like such fun Vicki, I love watching Morris men and I'm loving those deckchairs too xox Lovely happy post by the way :0)

August Paddock said...

Looks great, love those deckchairs!