Thursday, 9 June 2011


Good evening

Can't believe its been a week since I last blogged - where does the time go to. My Grandma was right - time does go faster when you're older. Every time I've thought of blogging or just having a good blog reading session something else or someone else has distracted me. However this evening the menfolk are all out so I've plonked myself down at the computer to have a jolly good catch up session.

First things first - the pretty, eye catching first photo for a post - a field of poppies just near a friends house;

I love poppies - one of my favourite flowers in one of my favourite colours :)

Last weekend, was the first camping trip of the year - we headed with friends to North East Norfolk - a lovely campsite new to us all. The only downside - the wind - coming north east off the north sea and I'm sure our tents were the first big things it found - made for a few restless nights - though that might have been down to MrVV's snoring too ;)  One of the best things was the view from my camping kitchen 'window' ;

Just big skies, open farmland and the sand dunes to one side too. Loads of bird life about too - we had our own Bill Oddie who was excellent at pointing out some things that we might have otherwise missed.

One of the best things about a camping trip is just being busy doing nothing - MrVV's work is pretty full on so when we're away we like to take it easy - catching up on light reading and just watching the world go by;

A quick packing up session was required on Sunday morning - we needed to get home, unpacked and off to a very important event. My Dad's Mum was 90 last week and this meant a party. Now I've mentioned before that my own family is big - I'm the oldest of 7. Well my Dad is the 2nd of 9 children. This meant the party included about 50 of my closest relatives plus another 50 people including nieces/nephews/cousins of my Grandma's and her friends too. All in all a lovely afternoon. Family had flown in from Australia which was a lovely surprise. Here's my Dad (bottom left) with Grandma and Dad's 7 remaining siblings;

 That took quite a few attempts to get them all looking at the camera and not pulling too silly faces!

We tried to get a pic of all my parents Grandchildren together with my little brother - there are only ones of silly faces though!

I seemed to have spent lots of this week catching up on stuff that didn't get done over the weekend and also fulfilling all the orders I have and making a few bits for stock too. However I have found time to start trying to learn to crochet. My friend who runs our S&B group is incredibly patient and she sat with me last night whilst I made attempts to learn. I am pleased to say I think I understand the basics and have managed to produce some tiny one round 'square sort of shapes' today. I've been instructed how to start the second round so am going to give that a go later. Watch this space - if it succeeds there may be pictures next time - otherwise just listen to the sound of crochet hooks and yarn flying through the air!

I'll leave you with just one more poppy pic;

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


fee @ chipper nelly said...

tee hee - I'm over here while you're at mine (why does that make me smile so much!)
Love the poppies, love camping pictures but especially love the one of your family on that bench. Precious times...
fee x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gorgeous family group photos, I bet it was hard work getting everyone to behave!

The poppie pictures are brilliant, you cannot beat a field of poppies x

Claire said...

i love poppies! Gran looks good for 90, family parties are the best :)

Pretty at Heart said...

Those are lovely family photos, full of memories! Looks as though you all had a lovely day!

Vintage Vixen said...

I love that happy family picture, that must have taken some effort. Your camping trip looks gloriously sunny, I'm trying to get Jon to have a camp out before Glasto to get us in the mood! xxx
PS The Wombles? I wonder if my Tomsk is still in my old bedroom?

Penelope said...

Happy family memories and good times to reflect on, I love a big family get together (as long as there are no squabbles!!) Love Lust Love your poppy pictures, just heaven sent as far as I am concerned. I love the fact that you can't pick poppies, you have to admire them where they are. Looks like you guys had a peaceful time away, looking forward to our summer camping trip xox Have a great weekend x

**Anne** said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous poppies. Your camping trip looks like so much fun. Sitting in that sunshine and relaxing. Mmmmm, lovely.
Happy Birthday and congratulations to Grandma, she looks fab. for 90.!
Have fun learning to crochet. If I can teach myself, anyone can learn, believe me! It is such an enjoyable craft and so quick.
Have a great weekend,
Anne xx

janis said...

Vicki~ Lovely post♥ The Poppies are absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful family pics too. Looks as though you have been busy~ easy to get too busy to post sometimes. Happens to me too.

Scarlett said...

I love poppies too, my mum has loads in her garden and they look beautiful like your photos. Scarlett x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Lovely family photos, isn't it great when families come together like that. We had a big get together for my OH's dad's birthday and we always say 'we should get together more often' but we don't! :) x

crafts@home said...

Lovely Poppy pictures :) Isn't it lovely getting large families together for celebrations.... I bet you all had a wonderful time :)
Sue Xxx

Sarah said...

What a lovely family photo. Really love your poppy photo, such great colours.
I too think time goes far quicker as you get older - aaaghh!

Magic Bean said...

Wow. Happy times. That photo will be on a few mantlepieces by now... Ax

Country Girl said...

Your Gran looks good for 90 - I wonder if you will take after her? Great news about the crochet - from little squares, great big granny blankets grow!

Lisa said...

Wonderful poppy pictures and truly special family pictures of your gran and her 'children'!
Looking forward to seeing your crochet makes.
Lisa x

Jacquie said...

Hey Vicki, Yay for learning to crochet...!!!!
I'm sure it will soon get easier if you keep going . Can't wait to see your squares . Love the poppies and north Norfolk too :0)
Jacquie x

Florence and Mary said...

Those poppies look fabulous!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xxx

Anonymous said...

What an enormous family and so lovely to hear that you were able to get together from all over the world to celebrate a 90th birthday. Your poppy photos are so cheery, thanks for giving us 2!

flowersandhome said...

I love poppies too and have tried over and over again to have them in my garden. And then.... this year..... finally....... ONE POPPY!!!
Nothing like the beautiful poppyfield you photographed but still... I'm a happy girl...

A happy, happy, happy birthday to your gran!