Friday, 30 March 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012 - March

Hello again

Almost the last day of the month. At one point I thought I would fail on this months Scavenger Hunt - fortunately our weekend away in Cambridge meant I managed to get the 9 photos I was struggling with! As ever there is some poetic licence with some of them!!

 Buttons - used as flowers on this fab birthday pressie from Dawn

 Kitchen - baking happens quite often in here.

 Fancy - French Fancy anyone? Too late these models were eaten soon after this photo was taken!!

 City - a Cambridge city ranger

 Fashion - I don't do fashion as such - however I did notice that Converse pumps seemed to be popular with people of all ages!

 Half-a-face - MrVV - you've no idea how hard it is to get a 45 year old to sit still and not pull silly faces!!

 Landmark - Kings College and Kings College Chapel - taken from along the Backs

 Morning - Sunday morning football on Parkers Piece.

 Square - the market square in Cambridge

 Street Name 

 Theatre - Cambridge Arts Theatre

Words - Posters on railings advertising all sorts of events - there's nearly as many of these in the city as there are bicycles!

Phew another month done - thanks as ever to Kathy :)

xxx Vicki xxx


VintageVicki said...

Just testing - blooming blogger switched the word thing on again without my knowledge :(

topchelseagirl said...

Love the purple converse!

Pink Milk said...

They're great! I take my hat off to you; I've failed miserably this month!

Love Dawn's pressie to you - many belated happy returns.


Kashi said...

Great job on the Scavenger Hunt. I really enjoy seeing what you find every month. Blogger is great(most of the time) but I recently lost half of a post into cyber world. I never could recover it. Oh well.
P.S. I love your Converse.

**Anne** said...

Great photos Vicki. Love the shoes!!
Anne xx

Lisa said...

You did very well in Cambridge! I was once very sick when I was about 7 after eating a big picnic and then nearly a whole box of French Fancies, I won't ever forget that!
Lisa x

Louise said...

Well done, great photos!

For the first time ever it's the last day and I don't have all my photos... I am struggling but have to find the last few today!

ellens52 said...

Yep, I totally agree with converse. A fashion statement for everyone! Lovely to see Cambridge :-)

Rosie said...

Great photos! Lovely to see your Cambridge ones and I love the colour of your pumps:)

Ruth Kelly said...

It doesn't look like you had a hard time with this hunt. I especially like the buttons and did not know that they were buttons until you said "button flowers." Your pictures are marvelous.

Down by the sea said...

Hi Vicki,
I loved your photos too, your kitchen picture feels so homely. My husband didn't know I was taking his picture so he didn't pull faces!

Patricia said...

Your photos are great. I struggled with fancy and went everywhere to get some Mr Kiplings without success. Kings College is lovely, my husband's grandfather worked there as a bicycle attendant in 1920.

Florence and Mary said...

OOOh I love french fancies!

Victoria xxx

Eileen said...

Lovely photos and yes,'snap' on the french fancies - great minds think alike!

Kezzie said...

Great photos especially the half face one, made more amusing by the comment!!! The button birthday present is fabulous! SO cute! Nice to 'meet you' through the hunt!!! It's the first time I've done it!

Second Hand Rose said...

Lovely photos, that embroidery looks amazing! XxxX

Country Girl said...

Oooh, my little tent picture - I'm honoured!

Sandra said...

Lovely photos, thats a very pretty picture for 'buttons' and nice to see pics of Cambridge, its a place I love to visit x

CupcakeMumma said...

I visited Cambridge last summer and was shocked at how many bikes there were haha but its a lovely city. I love your fancy, buttons and kitchen shots x

Paula said...

Great photos, we visited Cambridge very briefly a year or so ago on the way to somewhere else, your photos made me wnat to go and see it properly.