Monday, 2 April 2012

Brass & Steam

Good afternoon

Happy April :)

Right so a 1/4 of 2012 has gone already - I really must stop blinking!!

Saturday saw the first brass engagement of the year for MrVV and Little Son. The re-opening after a winter rest of the museum in our little town. This is always the first event of the season for the band and one they look forward too. Uniforms are found from the back of cupboards, shoes polished and lips get limbered up for playing.

They play in one of the old factories - with the high ceilings the sound travels well and sounds great. A few years ago they recording a CD in here - a very cold February weekend that was.

Our little town's history is mainly based around Garretts and the factories. Many of the houses were built for the workers and managers at the factory. The museum tells the story of the Garretts factory but also other local events - the WWII airfield, the building of the Power Station at Sizewell and it also has a wonderful collection of old photos and postcards which I could happily spend hours looking at.

I braved the staircase so I could get above the band to take photos - MrVV had asked for some for the band website and blog page. Getting up there was easy - getting down again less so - I'm still not great at stairs and lots of holding on tight was needed (the staircase is very steep).

 The upper gallery - much of the building remains as it did when the factory was running. 

 The outside - I've said before that my Grandad (who once worked here) made the letters on the building.

As well as the band, of course there were steam engines. It gives the museum a chance to show their engines off - I am sure if you've ever been to a steam event in Suffolk/Norfolk you will have seen an engine from the Long Shop or one made by Garretts.

After the band had finished playing, they did what many workers who left the factory did 100 years ago - they headed to the pub across the road!!

This weekend saw the first sighting of something that's quite rare around here - the lesser spotted grass cutting husband - amazingly (1) we were able to get petrol for the lawnmower and (2) it started first time without the need for a hit or two with a hammer!!

Lastly for today, I'll leave you with my list of things to look forward to in April - perhaps having seen the forecast the sunny days might not happen this week but come back again soon (though today is lovely);

Day 1 of the school hols - so far so good. Both boys up by 10.30! One has even managed to make arrangements to see friends today - wonders will never cease!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Country Girl said...

A band blog? Must take a look at that.
We didn't bother with shoe cleaning - thought no-one would be looking at feet and it may finally make the poor shoes disintegrate.

Cybèle de Jong said...

What a lovely building Vicki. I have a soft spot for old factory buildings. Have you been to the steam museum in Forncett St Mary (near Norwich)? Not big but definitely interesting!

Lisa said...

Well done for braving those stairs, not sure I could have done that. Have a fab Easter hols, we got up by 9, they've been busy all day and are both on sleepovers now. Fingers crossed the weather is reasonable for us all after all this lovely weather.
Lisa x

delia hornbook said...

What a great old building and with lots of family memories still happening within its walls. You must be so proud of the men in your life ;-) Have a lovely half term, dee x

Claire said...

hey! Yes i'm in woodbridge on Saturday :) quite excited by it!!

**Anne** said...

Fabulous birds eye view photos of the band playing Vicki. Well done for negotiating those stairs too.
Anne xx

Caroline said...

Love your list of things to look forward to in April, Vicki x