Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Product Review - and Prestige Cookware

Good afternoon

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Palmers and asked if I would be able to do a product review for this company. There was a list of items suggested and from this I chose a Prestige 3 piece non-stick saucepan set. New saucepans had been on my to-replace list for a long time and this seemed a ideal opportunity.

The parcel duly arrived and the saucepans after a quick pose for the camera were put to use in the VV household kitchen;

Now this wasn't a nicely nicely test - they were put to use cooking the sorts of things that make other saucepans quiver - including scrambled eggs made by little son. Normally despite our best efforts it would involve days of soaking so remove the burnt on bits - not with this set. No food has welded itself to the bottoms of the pans - in fact they clean so easily its amazing. The set of 3 pans is ideal for us - the sizes are slightly bigger than we've had in the past so there's been no complicated juggling of pans - perfect for a big family lunch :)

Now I ought to tell you a bit about Palmers- they are  relatively local to me with stores based in Great Yarmouth, Dereham, Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft. In fact I've probably during my lifetime been in each of them. There is more of the company history here. Rather nice to see a independent company in the high street than the usual run of the mill chain.

As well as the 4 high street stores they've a very good website with an excellent product range.

There is a host of top branded products including Cath Kidston and some gorgeous bedding by V&A bedding.

So if you are local then the stores are well worth a visit and if you aren't then there's the website which is well worth visiting.

I think its time I got married again and I've seen so many things I'd like for my house!!

Thanks for reading and until next time

xxx Vicki xxx


bellaboo said...

We had a set of Prestige pans given to us as a wedding present twenty odd years ago and they're still going strong.
Hope you had a lovely Easter! :0)

delia hornbook said...

Sounds like you had fun ;-) dee x

Josie-Mary said...

They look like really good pans! :)

sneha jadhav said...

prestige cookware
are good in use.I brought them long back.They are still in good conditions.