Monday, 23 April 2012

The Tale of 3 Frocks

Good evening

Can't believe its been 7 days since my last post. No exciting excuses - just life getting in the way. 

I've been continuing with the ongoing spring cleaning, doing extra shifts in the charity shop and just doing everyday family stuff too - oh and avoiding the rain. We've had rather a lot of that this past week and this week looks set to be another of rain shower dodging.

However back to the post title - in the last week or so there's been lots of this too;

Frock making :)

Firstly one for a sister - part of her not-so-secret-santa pressie was a voucher which for for a dress for her - she just needed to choose the fabric (I'd pay and make it up for her). It took a while to get the fabric bought and given to me but it got finished the other week, in time for her holidays;

I've had 2 lengths of fabric to make frocks for me, hanging around my sewing room for a while - this weekend whilst the menfolk were busy working/revising/marching I spent time creating 2 new frocks for me - one is the standard 3 tier design I've made before;

The other is slightly different - I'd seen a dress in the CK shop in Cambridge I liked - a simple vest style top with a gathered drapey skirt - it was £90 so it stayed on the rails. However the other week I was lucky enough to find some gorgeous drapey fabric in the CS - and there was enough for a frock - the CS gods were shining down on me that day. This got turned into my version of the CK dress this weekend and I love it - the fabric is just lovely;

Each dress has ties at the back so it can be more fitted - the ties get hand sewn on and as an extra pretty buttons get sewn on too;

I used 2 of the gorgeous buttons free in the last Molliemakes magazine on this dress.

and 2 cheerful polka-dot ones of this one - I think I used these buttons also on my sisters dress.

This just leaves the bargain £1 tea dress to alter - I just keep forgetting to get someone to mark where I need to cut when I have visitors I trust - if I don't remember soon, I may have to ask one of the males to help!

The record from the last post has been handed over and my sister was thrilled - I'll tell you more once she's had a chance to blog about it ;)

Right - off for a wander around blogland - I've been very slack in this in the past week and when I have visited blogger seems to not want to let me comment :(

See you soon 

xxx Vicki xxx


Floss said...

Lovely dresses and fantastic fabric finds! Thanks for your comment - I have been snapping photos of the appropriate counties...

Serenata said...

Lovely dresses you have made Vicki with such fabulous fabric, they look great!

Scarlett said...

These are such cute dresses - you clever gal :o) Scarlett x

Saphy Daniels said...

They are lovely. x well done.

Magic Bean said...

Happy Monday to you. Your sewing machine has been working very hard, well done for all your frock love. Now we just need some sunnier days so you can wear them...Ax

Pink Milk said...

Vicki, they're gorgeous!! I particularly love the fabric of your sister's dress. Oh I do envy your wonderful dressmaking talent. Hx

andamento said...

Wish I could sew. Lovely dresses and beautiful fabrics.

liz said...

Such pretty fabrics, looks like you're just waiting on the sun!

**Anne** said...

Beautiful dresses Vicki. The satisfaction of making something lovely can't be underestimated. Thanks for sharing.
Anne xx

Lisa said...

They are all so pretty, hope we get lots of sunny days so you can wear them soon.
Lisa x

Madison said...

Beautiful dresses Vicki. Love our idea of a Secret Santa Handmade dress voucher.

Madison xxx

Penelope said...

Ooh I wish I had a lovely sister to make me a frock! Loving all your bright, cheery fabric Vicki. perfect for Spring, or should I say for these wet, grey days!!! :0)

Liz said...

Very pretty dresses and such lovely fabrics.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Alice said...

Gosh love your dressmaking, and all of the fabrics are gorgeous choices. I was wondering what to use those Mollie Makes buttons on.

p.s Love your little Russian Doll tape measure xxx

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

You really are so clever, Vicki -and I love the fabric of all of those dresses x

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

You really are so clever, Vicki -and I love the fabric of all of those dresses x

Paula said...

Wow! Just love your dresses!

Wish I was brave enough to make my own but measurements scare me! lol. Love the fabric in all of them too, and what a lucky find in the CS all that lovely fabric! Cute buttons as well. A triumph I would say.

P x

delia hornbook said...

Those dresses are gorgeous well done you ;-)) dee x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I love those dresses :o)
Well done for getting *3* made!!

Love the fabrics too.

Have a happy week my dear, and take care.
Love n hugs,
Donna xx