Monday, 16 April 2012

Sorting out the nursery & other weekend stuff!

Good evening

Oh blimey is it Monday again? Where did the weekend go?

Saturday was spent sorting out the nursery & the garden - no not that sort of nursery, those days are long gone. The nursery aka the conservatory - home during the non-winter months to plants & seedlings. Less seed planting than other years - we've come to the conclusion that as much as having a veggie patch is lovely - the time spent looking after it properly isn't always there and the current space isn't right - soil to clay like and not enough light. Ideally raised beds in a different part of the garden would be better but not this year. Instead just things in pots - so far just tomatoes, chillis, basil and for some colour - sweet peas.

Little son helped me during the wetter bits of Saturday to give the space a big spring clean - he was on body removal - amazing how many insects have chosen there to end their days!! When the rain stopped we all decamped to the garden. Operation garden tidy commenced - oops our poor garden - it got rather neglected at the end of last summer (can't think why!!) - the weeds were winning but after many hours we are starting to fight back. Certainly the birds were grateful and there were many happily following us around as we uncovered soil and worms - just a shame they are all so camera shy!

When it was sunny on Saturday it was lovely. Blue skies and fluffy clouds - its just the rain laden ones that tried to scupper things!

More blossom - this time against the blue sky - so pretty.

No carbooting on Sunday - MrVV & the boys went off to work together. Oh those boys of mine worked hard - today they've struggled to lift their arms - must be something to do with the 100's of boxes they moved yesterday - not heavy just repetitive!

Today has been the last day of the Easter hols - once all the bags were packed and kit for the coming week sorted, I left the boys to their own devices - some online time and headed into town. Monday's are good days for charity shopping - lots of weekend donations. I visited a few of the shops and found a couple of things. 

I love old style maps - this one is of Essex and is destined for the walls of the summerhouse once that has had its spring clean - just need a dry & spare hour or two hopefully this week though having seen the forecast our little drought ridden county might be getting rather wet!! 

I also found something for one of my sisters - No3 aka Minibreakfast @ Car Boot Vinyl Diaries - I can't show you yet though as I want to give it to her first - let just say it is vinyl and something that reminded me of my teenage years ;) (Dawn if you guess don't say).

Talking of charity shops, I've signed up for Lakota's latest Faith,Hope & Charity Shopping Swap - this time a jubilee one. I hummed and harred to long on LaaLaa's one and missed that so signed up pretty quickly when this one came along;

Right, I think that's all - if I've handed over the record then I'll share that with you next time.

I think we're already for back-to-school tomorrow - just the dreaded alarm bit which we all hate.

One final thought - big son tomorrow enters his last term of compulsory education - he can leave school on June 30th - his last exam is just 10 weeks away - the first is next Wednesday!! Doesn't seem that long since he started school and was bringing home his first reading books - I feel old!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


LissyLou said...

I have enjoyed catching up with your last few posts. This is such a lovely time of year. Great Easter swaps too xxx

Magic Bean said...

Not old, just that the time has gone by fast...
Is it time to get sweet peas ready? Or is that just if they are inside? All gardening tips greatly received! Ax

liz said...

I love your blossom pics, it looks beautiful against the blue sky, although lucky you for seeing any! Its been a bit of a luxury here hasn't it!
I am itching to get the gardening moved on, but its just too cold. Seedlings are staying small and some have given up. I have decided to wait now for more sunshine, and warmer nights before I do any more.
Children have a habit of making you feel old! Zoe is now nearly as tall as me now, where have those years gone! Have a lovely week, despite the dreaded alarm xx

Lisa said...

We've been dashing out to the garden for a bit of a tidy every now and then, it's choosing the right moment isn't it!
Gosh about Big Son! Hope this last term goes well for him.
Lisa x

minibreakfast said...

Ooh, you bloomin' tease - can't wait to see what the record is!

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Thank goodness for helpful teenage sons ;) I have a few myself as you know and they helped me move furniture at the weekend. Looking forward to the reveal of your sisters pressie x

Country Rabbit said...

lovely photography! isnt the blossom beautiful at the moment! ;0)
that map of the essex coast- what a find, being an essex girly myself i love things like that. I found a picture months ago of my island where i grew up in cornwall! - happy times.
Sorry its raining where you are...its getting cloudy here at the mo- maybe we're in for some rain too. x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm longing to see what that record is :o)

Yes, my eldest started her last term on does go so quick!

Your conservatory sounds a bit like mine, 'cept I haven't grown any seeds yet this year!
Crikey, I'd better get a move on!

Happy week my dear, hope your legs all better now?

Love Donna xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Glad you're up for the swap and thanks for publicising it - I'm getting more and more 'worldwide' players which is great but I need to make sure we have plenty of Brits too!

Sounds like we have the same kind of garden, you could literally throw our soil on a potters wheel when it's wet, and then when it dries out we have cracks like some kind of desert. So much easier to plant in pots - which I haven't done yet. Must sort it out!

Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

Lace hearts said...

Time does fly by once children are at school. I can't believe my eldest is at GCSE stage already. I love your pictures of blossom against blue sky, and sweet peas are one of my fave garden flowers, but I can never seem to successfully grow them. I'll have to give it another go.

Madison said...

I look forward to seeing your "babies" grow up big and strong.

I hope your son is doing well in his exams. Must be a stressful time for you all.

Will he go on to study some more or has he decided to go into the big bad world?

Madison xxx