Sunday, 8 July 2012

British 'Summertime'

Good afternoon

Yes I am watching the tennis but not to closely as I can't stand one of the players!! 

Anyhow whilst we have power I thought I'd share some photos from about an hour ago. Just as we had lunch the sky went black and within moments the heavens opened and torrential rain started.

We knew we'd shut all the windows but could hear water. A quick check of the garages showed the one with doors at both ends had become an indoor pool with about 2 or 3 inches of water running through!! MrVV stores some of his ebay stock out there - fortunately most of it is on pallets but some things were on the floor :(

After getting the water moving out - it was time to take photos to add to my online diary (this blog);

The view from my bedroom window - you can see all the water rushing off our drive and down the gravel into the lane.

Anyone want a paddle??

Bertie got a good wash and proved how water tight he is!!

 One view down our lane

The other way

In the middle - a teenage camera addict - who is toying with setting up his own blog sometime soon.

We went for a quick drive around the town - parts of it are sadly flooded and there were several fire engines pumping water away from houses and shops :(

Its got to stop soon - hasn't it?? 

Right back to the tennis - come on Roger ;)

xxx Vicki xxx


Mac n' Janet said...

It looks like England is having a pretty awful summer, hope you stay safe and dry.

Deborah said...

Today has been drier, hope the sun has come out for you :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

**Anne** said...

Oh dear, all that rain when the sun should be out.
I hope you get a break in the weather soon. Perhaps you will have a long extended and extra warm autumn. Fingers crossed.
Anne xx

bellaboo said...

I wonder which player that could be?!
Glad your house wasn't flooded out..poor people in Devon,feel so sorry for them. :0)

minibreakfast said...

Hasn't it been wet?!! I just got out of bed after an early night because our power finally went on after a long tennis-less afternoon and a longer, quiet, dark evening. Hurrah for broadband too! xx

Crafty Helen said...

We were cheering on Federer too (am so glad we weren't the only ones)! XX

WinnibriggsHouse said...

That view of your lane is all too familiar here, in fact the 'sun' is rapidly becoming a lesser known planet! Can we wish for an Indian summer,

Nostalgic Vicky said...

We've got to have an Indian summer haven't we!!! Well done Federer - think we were all cheering for you!

Amanda said...

oh wow look at that...we definitely could do with some of that water here... fantastically descriptive photos Vicki. I've heard that July and beg August will be super warm in the Uk.

Amanda :-)

delia hornbook said...

Im hoping it stops soon its getting depressing now. dee xx

Vix said...

It's been mental, hasn't it? Quite exciting when it happens but terrible for the poor people who've been flooded. Great shots and hoorah for a watertight Bertie!
I've told Jon we need some interior shots of Gilbert and sent him off to give him a good clean, hopefully I'll share some soon! x

*Susycottage* said...

Hello, you send a little rain
Also here in Italy?
It has not rained so much and we have 40 degrees .....!
Susy Love x

...Tabiboo... said...

It was mad wasn't it - even a couple of hundred miles apart from each other.

What a restrained teenager you have - mine couldn't wait to get in the 'huge puddle' and get soaked.

Nina x

Anna said...

Oh crumbs. Were you worried? I think I would have been. Living in Wales means it rains lots but as most of us live on hilly streets then we don't really flood, touch wood! The rivers look so high and fast right now though. Poor ducks.

Mrs M said...

Hasn't it just been horrid? I've never known weather like it!