Monday, 2 July 2012

Just everyday stuff

Good evening

Another weekend has gone by, month begun and busy family week has started.

Thank goodness for a relatively quiet weekend. A family Saturday gardening session - the rain and occasional bursts of sunshine has meant the weeds were winning again - a few hours later and a few nettle stings and we were winning. A huge trailer load of weeds, cuttings and grass headed to the recycling centre.

More domestic stuff Sunday morning and then in the afternoon  MrVV & I headed out to one of our favourite places;

The usual drill - park one end of town, walk along the beach and prom to the Pier for ice-cream and a quick play on the amusements and then back through the narrrow back streets and town to the car. A lovely walk - slightly blustery but time for us to have a good natter.

Today has been very domestic - it seems once again the house was suffering with the burglar chic look coupled with a fine layer of dust everywhere. Time to get on the pinny and scrub/polish till it all looked a bit better. Fortunately its been windy but dry here today - so time to make the washing machine work overtime - one of my favourite domestic things is seeing a line full of washing in drying outside.

Whilst out in the garden I noticed that finally there are signs of life on some of my plants;

 Slightly blurry but the 2nd batch of strawberries are flowering - hoping these one don't get pinched by the mice - seem the netting prevents birds getting them but not mice :(

 I was late planting tomatoes this year - coupled with the weather then its hardly surprising they are only just flowering. 

This little area by the shed is one of my favourites - lots growing in my collection of old enamel pails & pots. Hoping one day all this will be upcycled enamelware.

Lots of good things to look forward to this week - BigSon has his Prom tomorrow night (photos next time), the Olympic Torch relay passes by on Thursday (going to Aldeburgh to watch that) and on Saturday LittleSon has his Grade 4 Euphonium exam.

Right off now - the hall appears to be suffering from an ant invasion - time for chemical warfare to commence!!

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - Yet again - no spell check - sorry


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

We love southwold pier, I like how traditional southwold is, proper seaside! Ada :)

**Anne** said...

Your weekend sounds lovely, full of the domestic and the pleasurable.
I now know what stinging nettles feel like. I was pulling grass for some horses to eat in Normandy and oh did it hurt when my hand brushed the nettles.
Have a lovely weekend,
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

The weeds are winning in my garden too..... just always seems to rain on my day off! :(

The Vintage Gardener said...

I love Southwold too, looks like you had pretty good weather too.

topchelseagirl said...

Ha ha my house often suffers the burglar chic look too!

My Norfolk Life said...

I really need to visit Southwold Pier soon - We've never been. I love domestic normal weekends.

Amanda said...

Ants even get in our apartment....I hate them. I know there are ants about when I see Willie sitting in front of his dish and glancing at me with indignant if to say " I have invaders in my food"..... and there they are yuck!
I enjoyed the glimpse into your looks very tidy to me. Nice quiet walk along the pier and an ice-cream...sounds perfect to me...some quality time!

Amanda :-)

Lisa said...

Hope Big Son enjoys his Prom this evening.
Lisa x

delia hornbook said...

Mice eating your srawberrys its blinking ants eating mine pesky things. Its lovely to see life in the garden ;-) Look forward to seeing the Prom photo's, have a great weekend, dee x

Shirley said...

Good old Southwold, we're due a trip there soon for pies lol! Definitely been a horrible year for tomatoes but fingers crossed we could end up with some yet ... :0)