Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Prom Time

Good evening

Last night it was Big Sons end of Year 11 Prom. Now I know these are a relatively new thing and many think they are tacky / too Americanised / rather TOWIE but actually they can be a great night for teenagers to celebrate the end of compulsory school and have a good time with their friends.

That's the route that his school go down - of course there are new clothes needed and some choose to hire limos but it seemed we were spared the huge Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style frocks and helicopters!!

Anyhow Big Son was bought his first suit and I think he scrubbed up rather well;

As he'd managed to summon up enough courage to ask some poor unsuspecting female to be his prom date - the least we could do was to buy her a wrist corsage;

The group of them had hired a limo between them and we all met at one friends house to see them off;

A team photo with their car (Big Son's date is the pretty girl in the white frock);

Inside the limo it was fab - a teenagers heaven - loud music, flashing lights and a bar - sadly only with mineral water last night - no booze for under 18's!!

He had a wonderful night and when he arrived home at 12.30 he was full of it. Wanting to tell me all about his night and showing me the yearbook of photos they'd all been given.

I've seen so many photos today of him and his friends on Facebook - all looking so grown up - doesn't seem that long since I was watching many of them on their first day of school.

Repeat performance due in 2 years time when it will be Little Son's turn!!

See you soon - Olympic Torch relay is due nearby tomorrow so I guess I'd better charge my camera batteries again!

xxx Vicki xxx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

We blink and they grow up, how does it happen! Such exciting times for them! Ada:)

Kashi said...

I am biased, as I am an American, I think they look lovely and it looks like they all had a wonderful time. Prom has gotten out of control here. They spend hundreds on the dresses. My Mom made my dress, ahem, 28 years ago. Homemade dresses aren't cool anymore. Your teenagers did it right and I am glad they had fun.

**Anne** said...

Your son looks wonderful and I think having a Prom or a Formal night is a fantastic idea. The girls especially love getting dressed's such a fun time for them.
Thanks for sharing.
Anne xx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

He looks very smart :) They grow up so quickly. My middle son had his 'College Leavers Ball' last Friday and they had a bar. He came home slightly happy if you know what I mean!! xxx

cupcakejojo said...

Awwww that's so, so sweet. I think it's a lovely way to mark the end of their exams and reaching 16! I wish we had had it when we were young. It's a really lovely memory for your son. And I love how his tie co-ordinates with his dates dress! So sweet :)

Jo x

Josie-Mary said...

He looks very smart :) All changed since my school disco.... no limo's for us! x

Isobel said...

Awwww, how lovely!! Your son looks really handsome!

Lisa said...

Big Son looks so smart! I bet his date will treasure her corsage. Glad they all had a good time, an evening to remember for sure.
Lisa x

Mac n' Janet said...

I still remember my Prom, what a beautiful night! My date was my husband to be and we're still together.
Your son and his date are a great looking couple, glad they enjoyed it, it's a memory they'll carry forever.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh Vicky this has a brought a lump to my thoat didn't they all look lovely and well the girls look stunning that green dress is beautiful. Wonderful memories to treasure. dee xx