Tuesday, 17 July 2012

FH&CS Jubilee Swap

Good afternoon

I meant to do this post last night but somehow managed to get side-tracked elsewhere in cyberland.

A fair few weeks ago I signed up for Lakota's Jubilee Swap - I was paired with the lovely Miss_b from Retro Lovely and we happily stalked each others blogs and exchanged emails. We decided due to other commitments that we were in no real rush to exchange but as and when we were both ready.

Anyhow last week parcels were posted to each other and a minor miracle both arrived safely within days of each other. 

Mine turned up on one of those horrid grey & damp days we've had rather too many of recently - it certainly helped cheer me up;

Homemade cookies, a gorgeous pink rose china triplet set, a fan (handy when it actually gets warm) and a CD full of some rock-n-roll - I had this playing yesterday whilst I was in the kitchen tidying and cooking - shame there is no film of me jiggling about ;)

 This gorgeous card is for Bertie - I shall be fixing that to his wall :)

and this lovely cross-stitch card was for me. Cross stitch is something I've never tried - probably because you seem to have to be neat & tidy - not things that come automatically to me!

Here's what I sent;

Crocheted bunting

A UJ cushion

A UJ hook & notebook, a red rose ring and of course a swap isn't a swap without something edible ;)

Thanks to Lakota for undertaking the task of organising this swap and Miss_b for being my swap partner.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lucy said...

What lovely parcels you exchanged. I adore the bunting that you crocheted - beautiful! :o) It's sunny here today, a rare treat. Hope you get some sunshine too!

Vix said...

What pretties you both received, enough to cheer up the most dull of days! Bertie's gonna love his bunting card (don't tell Gilbert, he'll get jealous). x

Lisa said...

Lots of lovely red, white and blue to cheer a grey day.
Lisa x

Jane said...

Lots of lovely bits there to cheer you up and loving the bunting you made x

miss_b said...

I really enjoyed doing our 'swap' and putting the items together. I had a sort of summery theme with my ideas and I'm pleased the pretty vintage trio arrived in one piece!!! Thank you for being my swap partner xxx

Magic Bean said...

Great swapping goodness. Hope you've had a cuppa or two from the teacup. Ax

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the cup and saucer made it in one piece! What a lovely swap.
How do you take part in a swap? Who organises them?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the cup and saucer made it in one piece! What a lovely swap.
How do you take part in a swap? Who organises them?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Thanks so much for taking part - glad it went well, you've both sent and received such lovely pieces. I'm a bit scared of cross-stitch too, the idea of having to count all the stitches brings me out in a cold sweat! Fab bunting and cushion you made xx

PS. There is a link up on my blog if you want to add this post

Amanda said...

Lots of lovelies Viki...I'm into my first swap now and its fantastic.....I get so much fun out of it.

I'm amazed the cup and saucer got to you in one piece! However my sister sent me a bottle of wine from Australia and that was a postal miracle as it got to me in one piece too!!!

Keep well

Amanda :-)