Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chain me up and cover me in Dream Topping!!!!

Good afternoon

No I've not been reading that book! Its just the easiest way to describe 2 of my CS finds this week!

Firstly kinky, bondage dachshunds to match my reindeers! As the Mother is no longer chained on I got these for just 50p - I wonder if the shop will have anymore animals in soon?

The boys mentioned the other weekend the lack of trifle in their diet in recent months! This could be easily sorted if only I could find my glass trifle dish - I've no idea where its gone - perhaps we took it somewhere with food in for a party and forgot it - anyhow I decided to track something down hoping the CS's in town would come up trumps - they did - just £2 later and a bit of mixing, those boys of mine got their wish - trifle for pudding one night this week;

Now long term readers of this blog will know all about my little accident last year and the long slow return to normal walking. One thing I didn't think I'd ever manage again was heels but a pair were in our shop today and something made me try them on and have a walk about - 2 miracles - they fitted and I could walk in them - they've hardly been worn (no marks on the soles or heels) and the colour was cheerful too. I just need to remember when I do wear them out - no socks or leggings but perhaps some grown up tights instead! I've been prancing around the house in them since I got home from work - sadly even if I click my heels together nothing happens - least I've not fallen over yet!!!!

One last CS piece to show you - this little 'vase'. I've got a small but growing collection of this stuff - the first bits were some spoons from a Russian friend - I've no idea what the proper name for it is?

I've just realised that Week 5 of the Autumn Views Challenge is almost over and I've forgotten to share the pictures - these were taken on a rainy Sunday so all were taken from the house so the angles might be a tad different;

I think when I take Week 6's pictures this weekend things will have changed again - the weather here has turned windy and chilly - the forecast mentions snow but I don't think it will quite reach us. However the drop in temperature means I must hunt out my gloves and hats later.

One last thing for today - I've found another interesting (and inexpensive) Christmas swap - over here at Tracey's blog - a really original idea;

Right I'd best be off - I ought to spend my last quiet hour before half term begins doing domestic stuff. We're really quite ready for the holidays here - these past few morning have been a struggle to get out of bed. 

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

Never seen a sausage dog family with the chains, very different!
Seeing that trifle reminds me I must buy some Baileys for the Bailey's trifle I do at xmas, adults only!
Love the red shoes.
Lisa x

Crafty Helen said...

Can I come round for some trifle? NONE of the rest of my family like it, so I never get to have any - sob! Also, love the shoes - very Dorothy. X

Crafts @ Home said...

What wonderful CS finds, I love the glass dogs, and that trifle looks scrumptious, My autumn photo will be missed this week, due to me being ill before I went on holiday :(
Sue Xxx Oooh, and have a great half term :)

Vix said...

I love the sausage dog family, I have the bambi version! x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

well that might be my favourite post title of 2012!!
And there definitely isn't enough trifle in my diet.
fee x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those glass dogs and that trifle instantly transport me back to the 70s! Ada :)

Lizzy said...

Lucky you to be back in heels and what a wonderful pair they are. Hope I can wear them again soon.
Mmmmm..... Trifle!

liz said...

I think I may have to head over to your neck of the woods, your charity shops seem to be stocked to the rafters with lovely stuff! I am not usually a doggy person, but I love those little dogs! I am also very envious of your gorgeous red shoes, what a find! Hope you enjoy your half term xx

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely CS finds & your trifle looks yummy! x

Desdemona Vintage said...

yummy trifle!!!
and love the red shoes

(maybe you would like to take a peek at my blog.... )


Hi the sausage dog gang,while in whitby this summer i found so blue reindeer,rather kitsch i thought,have you been to the new cath kidston shop in the city yet? reading your blog,GINGERBEERandSAFFRON x

lemonade kitty said...
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lemonade kitty said...

WOW those shoes look like Dorothy's slippes from the wizard of oz, not too sure about the socks though!! Lol, Lucey x