Thursday, 4 October 2012

The clashing of seasons

Good evening 

It has been the most gorgeous autumn day here in Suffolk - blue skies with a slight chill in the air. Cool enough to be able to wear my favourite granny boots again;

Oh yes be warned - todays photos have been taken with an extra ounce of ponce in them ;) Well for once it was dry and I do love taking pics in natural light!!

Whilst I was outside, I spotted 2 tiny little signs of autumn - in the parts of the garden that shall remain shady and damp until next spring - I found these;

The first I've spotted this year - I shall be watching in the normal fungi places for the larger more photogenic ones to appear.

I treated myself to a magazine today;

Issue 2 of The Simple Things - I am rather enjoying this new magazine at the moment - a good mix of stuff and some great photos. I won't however be subscribing as I've gone off that since the MollieMakes muddles - late or missing deliveries and to be honest the quality of the magazine rather dipped after a few months. Instead I shall be checking out each issue and only buying if enough of it appeals to me.

The reason I went into the garden and the title of this post was to take some photos of more Christmassy makes towards the fair I'm doing. I've decided that the ivy on the side of the house is perfect for hanging decorations from for photography purposes;

 Just a small forest of trees at the moment - I've more in my pile of shapes to put together.

I am really loving this new shape I've come up with this year - Rudolph & friends are rather cute I think - must make sure I make one for myself too.

I have a list of makes that I'm hoping to get finished - the end is almost in sight.

Off back to my sewing seat and some Wartime Farm watching.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Liz said...

Love your little makes, especially the trees.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

thriftwood said...

That ivy's a fab background for your lovely makes! I like the Simple Life too and have subscribed for £5 ... will cancel my direct debit when I've got my 3rd issue! I thought Mollie Makes went a bit off too, lovely magazine but a bit repetitive ... have you seen Pretty Nostalgic? Lovely, lovely magazine but pricey too xxx

Vix said...

Dandelions! They are look gold dust in our garden, my poor tortoise is desperate for them. x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Perfect backdrop to your fab decorations! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

Anonymous said...

Love your two makes. The ivy makes a lovely gallery!

Magic Bean said...

Granny boot time indeed. Don't step on your mushrooms with them...!

Josie-Mary said...

Love your makes. I was thinking of buying that magazine, disappointed with Mollie Makes.... it's the same things every month!! x

Lisa said...

Love the boots!
Hope you do well at the fair, the reindeer are fab!
Lisa x

Clicky Needles said...

I love those decorations. Trees my favourite! Makes me think I might try some myself.

Claire said...

you know i picked up that magazine the other day and hummed and hared about buying it! I might just treat myself :) I do that, i just buy Mollie Makes if i like enough inside, and i also re sell them on ebay when ive read them :)

Mantha said...

Ooh i love those little trees and rudolph .. :) xx