Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Channelling your inner Granny Chic Soul - Granny Chic is cool

Good afternoon

Everything stopped yesterday afternoon - the postie came bearing a parcel with my name on it. At last the copy of Granny Chic I pre-ordered months ago :)

Why dust when you can read? and such a great read too.

Two fab bloggers on different sides of the Atlantic sharing a common love of Granny Chic.

The book has lots of projects to create and plenty of gorgeous photos too. I won't spoil it for those that are waiting till December 25th for their copy but I will show you a couple of my most favourite photos;

 Just loving Marvellous Maude the vintage caravan and her exterior patchwork - not sure my menfolk would approve if I wanted to do that to Bertie :(

2 friends together crocheting - oh how this reminds me of our Wednesday night Stitch & Bitch sessions.

One article made me chuckle;
 I looked at the list and then down at myself;

 Pinny - yes, always and clogs, yes around the house in the winter and out & about in summer.

Rose tinted glasses - ok so not actually rose-tinted but geek-chic specs are the next best thing.
Thank you Tif & Rachelle for writing this book - at last I have an identity - well I've always had it - just nice now to give it a name :)
BTW - this is NOT a sponsored post - just something I've bought and wanted to share with my bloggy readers. I shall be taking this book to S&B tomorrow night too - I think lots of those friends will love this book too :)
See you soon
xxx Vicki xxx


thriftwood said...

Hello Vicki, nice to see you in the flesh, as it were! I got my book yesterday too and was going to show it on my blog, but had a technophobic moment, so haven't as yet. It's fab! Oh, and by the way, I'm wearing my poppy with pride ... thank-you! xxx

Vix said...

How cool are your specs? You look great!
Love that caravan and my hand-me-down Hasbeens. I'm a devil for buying pinnys at jumble sales but rarely use them (that's Jon's department!) xxx

delia hornbook said...

That book looks lovely i haven't seen of heard of it before but thats maybe because i have been away from blogland for a while i will have to check it out it looks really lovely. Your looking cool in your glasses. dee x

Northern Hi-Lights said...

ahh, looks like a great book - and your pinny rocks BTW..

Anonymous said...

looks like a yummy book for the xmas list,thanks Vicki :) I agree your pinny rocks,I dont feel dressed without mine,pottering around the house :)

**Anne** said...

The book looks lovely, I'd love to take more of a peek inside. Loving the pinny and clogs. :)
Anne xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

You definitely have the 'look'! Ada :)

Claire said...

oooo ive seen this and wondered about it. i love those blogs!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Haha, me too! Although I only wear the specs for reading and the pinny in the kitchen. But I swear I could live in that caravan ... just so long as I had an annex for all the dogs!

Nostalgic Vicky said...

My friend showed me her copy on Sat and I thought it was wonderful! I'm gona order a copy. Want my house to look like all the pics in that book!

A Handmade Lifestyle said...

I bought this book last weekend. I had it on my Christmas wish list but then I happened to go into The Works for something entirely different and spotted this for £5.99 so grabbed it. I love their caravan and there are so many things I want to try out in that book. Love it x