Monday, 11 February 2013

5 of 52 weeks of happy

Good afternoon

Expect a sudden influx of posts from me - for the first time in ages I've lots to write about!!

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays post - yep he is still cute even if he towers above and teases me almost constantly some days!

Here's this weeks mosaic of happy things;

1 - I had the Good Life boxed set for Christmas and am slowly working my way through it and loving it. This is my all time favourite TV programme and I've managed to get Little Son interested in it too. Lovely to snuggle on the sofa with him of an evening and watch an episode or two :)

2 - A very early birthday pressie from my parents - I saw this CK dress on an Instagram feed and fell in love - my favourite colour with bicycles printed all over - it just screamed Vicki :) 

3 - Bargain fabric from the charity shop - enough for at least one dress and possible another when the first one wears out! I've made a start and hopefully I'll get it finished by the weekend.

4 - Always making me happy but especially at the moment - those daft boys of mine. When we were in Southwold yesterday they went into the silly photo booth together and you can see the results :)

Brrrrr its gone very cold here again - I'm back into my thicker sweaters and waiting for the boys to arrive home so I can justify putting the heating on. Am really tired of winter now and would just like February to hurry by so we can reach the (hopefully) warmer days in March.

See you soon - off to hoover as that will keep me warm!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

The photo booth photos are really fab!
We had snow here earlier, but it's stopped and melted away already.
Lisa x

Jen Walshaw said...

I love the dress, I wish I was slimmer! Oh and the photobooth is fab

Maria Glazacheva said...

J`aime le message et quest ce que j`aime c`est .........en effet tous!! ;0)

Bonne semaine!!

xxx Maria xxx

Vix said...

That fabric is gorgeous and yay to bicycle printed dresses!
It's freezing here, too. I'm so over winter. x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Love the CK dress!
M xxx

greenthumb said...

The photos are such fun and I do love The good life.

Josie-Mary said...

Enjoy the Good Life, I used to love that! Your new dress is fab :) x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Think I might need to get that box set, love The Good Fife! :) x

katysclutter said...

The Good Life is one of the very best, Enjoy x