Friday, 22 February 2013

Dotcomgiftshop - Fairy lights are not just for christmas!!

Good afternoon

Slow down! Half term is going by far too quickly - its been a manic week here and I've only just got round to sitting down to write about something rather lovely that's happened!

Last Thursday when the rest of the country was getting excited about roses & chocolates I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I stumbled upon an email in my inbox. Not one of those claim non-existent PPI or buy dodgy pharmacy items but something that was rather lovely and made me smile.

It was an email from the Dotcomgiftshop telling me that they had listed my little blog on their blog in the section - Gorgeous Vintage Blogs We Love - well if you look here and scroll down, you'll see lots of familiar names and then if you scroll down, you'll find my blog and the most lovely write up about me :)

Now the lovely Dotcomgiftshop people asked if this was ok to use my blog and my photo - of course I said yes, I was feeling rather flattered and chuffed that I was on a list with some lovely bloggers I know and others I am getting round to reading & following. Then then also asked if there was something that I would like from their range to use and review.

My goodness like a child in a sweetshop I spent time clicking on everything and coming up with a list of things that I liked and needed to whittle it down to one for now. 

I love fairy lights and feel that these are definitely not just for Christmas - however where I want to put them doesn't always work as sockets are not available or close enough. However I spotted these and knew that I could have some fun.

10 Little spotty & rosy lampshades on a string - all powered by 3 AA batteries.

Out of their box - aren't they just cute :)

Just a matter of where I was going to put them. Sadly its been dull here again and not ideal for pictures but these give you some idea;

 Round the picture above my bed

 Across the desk in a my sewing room 

Or across the fireplace along with some bunting!

I think across the piano would have worked well or best of all I think these would be fab on a camping/caravanning trip when electricity isn't always an option!

Thank you Dotcomgiftshop for my lovely mention on your blog and for these lovely lights. I look forward to working more closely with you in the future :)

xxx Vicki xxx


Liz said...

They are absolutely lovely the pom poms are so sweet. Your gorgeous blog deserves to be on that list!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Twinkle Star said...

Congrats - very well deserved though! Really love your choice, those fairy lights are just the cutest :)

Have a fab weekend, Estelle xx

bellaboo said...

I love those lights...I saw them in a shop recently and was very tempted.I have my lights up round my sitting room mirror all year round...and lots of candlelight too.

Happy weekend!

Love Bellaboo X

Amanda said...

I'm a big fan of dotcomgiftshop and they have good sales too. I'd settle for an email from them any day over a Valentine's card!

Lucy said...

My youngest has those exact same lights in her bedroom. I love dotcomgiftshop and got some great stuff in their sale!
Can't believe half term is almost over :-( x

Irene said...

Many, many congratulations of your blog being featured.

What gorgeous lights, and even better they use batteries.

Deborah said...

Congrats sweetie :) love your lights, have a great weekend.

Bee happy x

katysclutter said...

I love dotcom too and I have these lights too!
You can also get a different version from Tiger ;0 twice as nice!

Pomona said...

I bought some of those lights as a Christmas present - I thought they were so very sweet!

Pomona x

greenthumb said...

Well done, those lights are very cute.

Ladybird Diaries said...

That's fantastic- congratulations! I love the little fairy lights you chose too, they are gorgeous.
M xxx

Ladybird Diaries said...

That's fantastic- congratulations! I love the little fairy lights you chose too, they are gorgeous.
M xxx

**Anne** said...

How lovely for you Vicki...CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the fairy lights you have chosen, just gorgeous.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

Congratulations on the mention! Love those lights :) x

dottycookie said...

They are lovely lights indeed! Congrats on the mention!

Scarlett said...

I have these lights too! They are fabulous. How lovely to be featured on their website :) Scarlett x

Beckah said...

Well done you!
Ooh, your lights are just gorgeous!
They look great everywhere, I love your teacup candles on your desk, I make those too, did you make them or go bonkers buying them? They are very cute aren't they?
Have fun tinkering with your twinkling lights X

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Those are so sweet!

Congrats on your listing :D

Maria Glazacheva said...

Oh c est tres Jolie ! Lis brillent tres Jolie! J' aimerai bien en avoir!

Bonne semaine!

xxx Maria xxx

Claire said...

wow what an honor! I love fairy lights, i have them on top of my fire places all year round. The battery operated ones are perfect too as you dont have to find a plug and have wire trailing everywhere!!

Lisa said...

Great choice!
Who doesn't love fairy lights and polka dots.
I love that website and have spent lots of money with them in the past, they do have some good bargains come sale time too.
Love your printers tray on the last post too.
Lisa x