Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wasn't he cute ;)

Good evening

Actually he still is - just that the jeans and converse are much, much bigger these days!!

Oh yes today - big son turned 17 - the photo above was taken when he was a few months old - we've decided he was probably plotting something - probably knowing him his next meal!!

After a birthday breakfast and a pressie and card opening session, we headed out as a family for a roast dinner and then onto Southwold. The wind was rather strong so the walk was much shorter than hoped but we made it to the Pier and spent time having fun.

 Air hockey - we played in various combinations - the boys gaming skills showed through and they were far better than us adults.

 Of course if you play on the Pier then you have to play the Penny Falls - he made his money last for ages.

Home then for cake;

The usual chocolate cake - a family favourite - decorated with a Brains from Thunderbirds in honour of Big Sons dressing up day in December and some special candles. These look like normal ones but are impossible to blow out!! 

My daft boy in his new sunglasses - obviously what you need indoors on a dull February day!! Oh how much smoke those candles produced - am glad I just bought one pack of 10 rather than the 17 we really needed!!

Of course he's hungry again - so the grill has just gone on with cheese on toast to cook!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


lemonade kitty said...

Happy birthday to your lovely son, that chockie cake looks gorgeous my mouth is drooling!! lucey x

Beckah said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to your eldest! Looks like you had a great day together. Mine will turn 20 this year! How the time rockets by, he may be a gangly youth but he's still my baby.
The cake looks fab! What's wrong with me? I've eaten four different cakes this weekend (not the whole lot) but I'm still eyeing yours up and considering making one now purely to scoff a.s.a.p! I have a very unhealthy obsession, oh dear.
Lovely photos as usual X

Ladybird Diaries said...

Happy birthday to your boy! Chocolate cake looks fabulous.
M xxx

lavender attic said...

Hi Vicki
Thanks for the lovely message, I will reply tomorrow as I too am cooking for the hungry mob here at the moment...
Your photos are lovely and you look like you had a good time today. Your cake looked yummy too with that lovely glossy choccy icing.
Sally x

Lisa said...

Happy birthday wishes to your eldest.
His Thunderbird cake looks delish, bet those candles caused a few chuckles!
Lisa x

Kandi said...

Happy birthday to your baby, he was (and is still) a cutie! Xx

greenthumb said...

Happy Birthday to your son looks like he had a great day.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh looks like you all had a great day. Happy 17th birthday for you son. dee x

Vix said...

Happy birthday to your cool son! That cake is fantastic. x

Dawn said...

Blimey, seems like only yesterday. Hope he had a good day. I hear plans are afoot for a Prezzo outing too.

**Anne** said...

Happy birthday to the eldest son. Yesterday I couldn't see the photos on this post, today I can. What a cute baby photo of your boy. I'd love to go back and have a day with my babies.
Anne xx

...Tabiboo... said...

I love that birthday cake.

Happy belated to your teen.

Nina x

mrsmsmeanderings said...

Looks like a fab family birthday celebration, Vicki. Don't they grow up quickly, can hardly believe I am now the mother of a teenager - where do those years go? x