Monday, 25 February 2013

7 of 52 weeks of happy

Good morning

Bit bleary eyed today as the alarm went off for the first time in a week - today is back to school to day for those boys of mine. Never mind, we've had a good half term week together - they are such great company at the moment and have such wicked senses of humour - which I am the butt of for much of the time!!

I keep meaning to write a proper blog post but time keeps getting away from and I keep forgetting to take photos. I am way behind on this months Scavenger Hunt but I am hoping to get the rest of the pictures taken in the next few days so I can hand my homework in on time!

Here's this weeks post of happy pictures;

1 - Spring flowers planted in the tubs by the front door - a burst of colour for just 70p each :)

2 - Another parcel from the Dotcomgiftshop - this time two night lights - a rabbit and a cottage - the cottage changes colour - both are gorgeous :)

3 - A parcel from a friend came in the week - inside felt flowers - very pretty and they made me smile.

4 - Finally another hint of spring in the garden - crocuses have flowered :)

Right - time to hound a child out of the shower - I need my turn - my supermarket shop should be here sometime after 8 and I suppose I ought to get showered and dressed so I don't scare the driver!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


greenthumb said...

Sounds like you had a fun time with your boys, pretty flowers. Good luck with the Scavenger hunt I have one more to find. Greenthumb.

thriftwood said...

Aren't primroses the best value? I have pots of them dotted about all over, my favourite one is in an old syrup tin! The rabbit night light is fab, I have one of those, but think might have to pop over to dotcomgiftshop and have a look at the cottages too! As for the shower ... my daughter can stand in there for half and hour and when I hammer on the door she says "I haven't washed my hair yet" ...

Have a Happy Monday!

Love Claire xxx

dottycookie said...

Love the little cottage nightlight - just the sort of thing my daughters would like. The first day back after half term is always a challenge, isn't it? Ours was a week earlier than yours so we've been back a week already, but still!

Maria Glazacheva said...

oh il est trop mignon le lapin!

Bonne semaine!

xxx Maria xxx

Beckah said...

I love having the kids at home, and get sad to see them off to school but I have to admit I really am enjoying the quiet at home today.
Love your pots of prims! I've been staring at them admiringly in the shop this very morning then carried on my way, don't know what I was thinking, they were good value too. I have quite a few but I don't think you can have too many can you now?
I have the same problem as Claire, do you think the kids just stand in the shower for so long because they forget why they're in there?

Happy photos indeed X

Lisa said...

That first morning back is a bit of a shock isn't it?!
Love the primroses and I have one of those white rabbit lights, they are just so cute!
Lisa x

Primroses Attic said...

Came as quite a shock for the children today, getting up early!
They have been getting up late all week, after late nights. Miss them but now I can get on with things, without waiting around for them to get dressed. Love the primroses they always cheer me up and make me think of the sunny days to come.

lemonade kitty said...

Aw how cute are those lights, just right for brightening up a cold miserable afternoon, Lucey x

Ladybird Diaries said...

I just love the little cottage light, so very sweet.
M xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I had to wake my two up at 7.30 this morning - of course ALL through the holidays they'd been up at the crack of dawn, happens every time!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed my narcissus will open soon, I've not planted anything else as we'll have enough to fit in the moving truck as it is!

I do like those rabbit nighlights, seen them somewhere else before.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

nice happies!
I'm enjoying my boys too at the mo - even my teenager's cheeky comebacks make me smile (inside!) Yesterday I told him off and he slow clapped me saying 'well done Mum, response of the year so far'.
We have crocuses all over the grass at this time of year - I can't bear to stand on them so appear to be doing a weird hop/dance on my way down to the workshop!
fee x

delia hornbook said...

It all looks gorgeous, dee xx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Yay! Flowers in the garden! :) x