Sunday, 6 December 2009

2nd Pause for Advent

As the preparations for Christmas step up a gear with more concerts, shopping, booking of tickets and buying of food - just pause for a minute.

I bought myself an Advent candle this year and every night I've lit it when I come home from work or after we've eaten.  In the time it takes for the flame to burn down another level I've sat and watched it and just pondered and thought.

This week I've mainly thought about a friends young son who has a rare brain condition.  He's recently taken a turn for the worse and has been in hospital both locally and in Great Ormond Street for the past 6 weeks.
We are all hoping he is well enough to come home and spend Christmas with his family and friends. He has now come back to the local hospital and things are looking up - so this week when I light the candle each night I'll be thinking about him more and hoping that our wishes come true.


bellaboo said...

Oh I do hope and pray that your friends son will be able to be at home for Xmas.
Thankyou so much for following.


claire said...

lots of positive thoughts for the little boy from me too.
It is very easy to forget how blessed we are so a good thing to pause to reflect.