Monday, 14 December 2009

Handmade Swap Parcel revealed :)

Now I know I promised pictures of all the festive stuff - in fact I'd almost finished a typing a blogpost about it when there was a knock at the door.  It was the postie with a parcel for me from the lovely Pam @ Hortensia - her half of our handmade swap.

I am a big kid about christmas at the best of times and was even more so today as I knew I could open this parcel now and not have to save it till the 25th :)

This picture shows all the parcels with their wrappings still intact - all in such a festive red with sparkly ribbon tied round them;

Right time for the grand reveal :) In no particular order (said in best Brucie voice ;) ) - some beautiful new decorations for my tree;

A new snug cosy for my teapot :)

These magnet are made with seaglass and my photo does not do them justice - they are really pretty - 2 are white and one is a delicate green;

Last but not least - a really gorgeous card;

I think in 2010 I must work on my photography skills - might even hunt my camera manual out and read it for the first time!!

If you read Pam's blog entry for the 13th December, you'll see what I sent her - her pictures are so much better than mine. However I did take one pic before I wrapped everything up;

Thankyou Pam for such lovely pressies - my decorations will be on my tree for many years and will be a happy reminder of my first blog swap :) and I shall think of you everytime we have a cuppa :)

Have an hours peace now whilst the boys are at a scout christmas party so I'm going to crack on with my card making.


LissyLou said...

ooo yes, lovely swaps!!

bellaboo said...

Oooh,lucky you!What a lovely surprise.