Thursday, 3 December 2009

December - so far

Blimey December is already beginning to rush by - can't believe I'll open my 4th window in the morning!

The pre-christmas rush has started already with the already full calendar gaining more things that we need to attend.  This coming weekend little son has 3 brass engagements - 2 with the training arm of the band MrVV plays in and another with his school band!

The christmas presents bought on Monday remain unwrapped and hidden away - am hoping next week I'll have a spare morning to sit there armed with paper, ribbon and tags and make them look pretty. Oops that reminds me - I need to make the tags!!

I have managed time for a quite trawl of the charity shops in town and the church one came up trumps again with 3 rather pretty things, firstly I couldn't resist this mother and child- I had something similar as a child in the 70's;

and this pretty little pot is perfect for my sewing room for storing pencils and chalks in;

Oh yes, my sewing room - actually its about a 1/3 of our spare room but importantly it now means that all my stuff is in one place and my sewing machine can remain out at all times.  These pictures were taken several days ago and since then its become more homely and less sterile with the addition of more clutter, a chair and a rather pretty patchwork cushion;

As you can see it still needs prettying up and I'm hoping that over the next few weeks, I'll have time to make some more things for there as well as finish all the projects I've got on the go at the moment.

Last night I went to a new Stitch and Bitch group that has been started in town by my friend from the pretty pink haberdashery shop.  I went along with my friend Country Girl , we were armed with our sewing (me) and knitting (her).  There were about 12 of us - all ages, some sewing, some knitting and some crocheting.  It was great - we shall definately be going back next week :)

Thats it so far this week folks - will be back Sunday/Monday with another pause for advent and some more pictures of the build up to the festivities.


Andrea said...

Beautiful! Sounds like your new group will be fun...especially with your friend.
Blessings, andrea

A Country Girl said...

The group was great wasn't it? Although the lighting wasn't great - we may take head torches next week!

Rubyred said...

Thanks for popping by and sharing your Christmas traditions with me! My sister does the new pyjama thing with her family. Your Christmas eve sounds lovely!
How brilliant to be part of a Stitch n bitch group!Love your pretty floral pot too!
Rachel x