Sunday, 13 December 2009

3rd Pause In Advent - Christmas Memories

Blimey - we're up to the 3rd Sunday in Advent already - it certainly seems to be whizzing by.

Today we decorated the tree and house - more on that tomorrow.

Whilst we were decorating the tree the boys & I were talking about the different decorations and the memories attached to some.  This lead on to talking about christmas's past and the different things they remember and my memories of their very early christmas's.

Big son's first christmas (10 months old) - opening his stocking in bed with us.

The next year, he is big enough (22 months old) to meet Father Christmas and go riding on a steam train.

Little son (aged 23 months) meets Father Christmas for the 1st time and isn't too sure!

Nursery play - King Will (aged 4) is in the middle.

Playing an ugly sister in his last primary school play (aged about 9) - this picture is one that will come out everytime he brings a girl home and definately on his 18th birthday!! 

Off to tweak the baubles and take some pictures for tomorrows post.

xxx Vicki xxx


Kelly said...

What lovely pictures and lovely memories to share with us!!!

bellaboo said...

Sweet pics! Looking forward to tomorrows festive post.


A Country Girl said...

So funny to see MrVV looking so young in that first pic!

Kaye said...

How precious! The true joys of Christmas! :)