Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend - Part 1

Good evening from sunny/wet/windy/sunny/torrential downpour/more sunshine Suffolk!!

Oh the joys of a english bank holiday weekend - we always hope the sun will shine but the reality is often more soggy. 

Nevermind, its a 3 day break and probably the last proper weekend we'll spend as a family until that event @ the end of the year that starts with 'C'. Obviously we'll see each other but with brassbands, childrens hobbies and of course the start of GCSE coursework we might not get the full 48 hours together!!

Yesterday we headed for a family day out c/o the few remaining days out vouchers we have collected c/o MrTesco. Not a great choice of places nearby for us but we decided that we'd head to Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens having not been there for many years. Add to that mix the promise of an exhibition about one of our favourite classic sit-coms - Dads Army - and we thought there would be something for everyone;

Steam powered Gallopers

Steam trains a-plenty;

The gardens were a riot of colour and Bressingham Hall is gorgeous - I dropped hints to MrVV about staying there sometime in the future ;)

There were load of dragon/damselflies flying about - I love these and have tried so many times to take photos. Normally I fail - they won't land or I have the camera on the wrong setting. Yesterday (for me) success;

We had a great day out - even the bedroom hobbits enjoyed themselves more than they thought they would. There were some 1950's dodgems cars there and we decided to split into 2 groups for a ride on those. I went with big-son - I believe I might have screamed as we headed around the rink @ flat out speed - his favourite trick was to make it look like we were going to hit the wall / another car head-on BUT he'd swerve at the last moment - little git!!

BTW can you tell I'm still having fun with Picnik??

Thank you for the comments on this blogs new look - the header is just temporary until I can decide which 3 pictures from my vast collection I like the best!!

Still open for suggestions for blogshop name - more work in progress on that at the moment too.

See you later in the week.

xxx Vicki xxx


Magic Bean said...

Great New Look to the blog Mrs VV.

Enjoyed the faces of the horse riders in second photo...

Enjoy the rest of the rain/sun/wind/sun/wind/rain this weekend. Ax

Pea Green Kitty said...


Your family day out sounds just perfect, and just my cup'o'tea.


magsmcc said...

Have to agree with the enthusiasm on your new look- very effective and very VV! Love the photos too- it's all very slick here! Good luck with the GCSEs- I always think these things are hardest for the mummies!

bellaboo said...

Am loving the new look!Glad you had a great day out Vicki.Weather looking more promising tomorrow.

Bellaboo :o)

simplyvintage said...

Love your new look - You seem to have had a fab time. I too love dragonflies - there's something magical about them. xxx

mother of purl said...

Ooh well done on snapping the dragonfly or whatever it is- glad you're having such a smashing weekend x

Alijane said...

Like your new look blog, very post!

Love the pics from your day out, it looks like you had fun.

Our bank holiday weather has been very similar to yours, I wish it would just make its mind up!!


Lisa said...

Finding something good to keep all amused can be a bit of a task, looks like you choose wel.
Great new look.
Lisa x

JP said...

i love all 3 pictures on the header - keep them all!!!

Sheila said...

looks like such great fun!! I wish we had more things like that up where i am!