Thursday, 26 August 2010

Splish, splash, splosh & swaps

Good evening from soggy Suffolk

Its been raining here almost constantly for 24 hours now - I am so glad we are at the top of a slope else I might have to consider building an ark. Even a trip out down the drive to collect the recycling bins needed wet weather gear today;

At least its quiet here tonight - big son has gone off to play badminton, little son & MrVV have gone off to band practise. Leaving me with my computer, a bar of chocolate and silence - bliss :)

The wild camp / party didn't happen last night - the weather put paid to that. Instead we had a party at Stitch & Bitch for the friend that runs the group and our youngest member. Both were thoroughly spoilt with lots of gorgeous handmade pressies. Here is what I made - a knitted cushion for one and brooch with a detachable CK badge for the other;

Can you see those gorgeous cards there? Well they were part of a set of six I bought from the lovely HappyLovesRosie - stunning pics and very well received. I'm keeping the remaining 4 for me - am planning on framing them when I can find the right frames;

I've also finished 2 more cushions this week - one for a birthday pressie for October and another for Christmas!!;

It seems that swap season is starting up again - I've signed up for 2 so far;

Floss's Autumn magazine swap - hoping this time for a US mag - maybe even a Country Living (that's one I really want to read).

The other swap is called Pumpkin Patch Swap and the theme is either Autumn or Halloween - this is being organised by Crafty Helen;

Why not pop over to both blogs and sign up?

Right I'm off to enjoy my peace and quiet - I shall probably produce a couple more triangle this evening. More cushions - this time for craft fairs and hopefully the blog shop I want to get opened. Am stuck on a name for it - anyone good at names??

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. It would be nice to keep the Vintage Vicki element for your shop, maybe Vintage Vicki Creates?Just a thought...

bekimarie said...

Gorgeous cards!
I have a swap over at mine too if you're interested!

B xxx

Floss said...

Thanks for mentioning the swap! I am feeling far from cretive tonight (heatwave, and don't feel jealous, it's horrible) so I'm afraid I'm not thinking of any good names yet!

mother of purl said...

The rain is so miserable isn't it!! Groovey wellies though xx

Josie-Mary said...

I'm hoping the rain will stop next week as I'm not working! Love the cushions :)

Lisa said...

When your wellies have polka dots on then you don't mind wearing them quite so much! I had a spotty pair I had to say farewell to earlier this year because they split.
Lovely gifts you made there for your friends.
Lisa x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love your wellies :-) ohh must pop and have a nose at the magazine swap, was ponding on doing on of them myself as I love magazines but feel guilty buying them for eco reasons.

Kandi said...

I love your brooch, I have just made something similar with a CK badge! I am starting to twitch at the amount of people making for christmas now I must get my backside in gear!
Kandi x

JP said...

the knitted triangles do make lovely pincushions

summerfete said...

Hello Vicki

The name thing is tricky, the good ones are always taken, usually by someone who doesnt even use it!

Have a great weekend


ps. it has been raining nonstop here too!

Country Girl said...

Love the new header - about time mine had an update too.
I'm doing those two swaps too.

Anonymous said...

Love your header. Great cushions. Goodness me, away from Blogland for a little while, come back to find swaps galore!

Shirl xxx