Monday, 4 October 2010

An anniversary weekend in Brighton

Good evening

Lets see if Blogger is playing ball tonight?

As promised, a few pics from our weekend in Brighton.

When we arrived on Friday, the plan was to park on the seafront and walk down to the Marina for a late lunch - it didn't happen. The wind was wild and the rain torrential. Instead we nipped into town to get a few bits & bobs and then ran back to the car and drove off to lunch. The marina was deserted, hardly a surprise - the sea was coming over the harbour wall and outside was not the place to be!!

Saturday was much kinder - the weather was lovely. We decided to head out for a walk after breakfast. Weren't really sure where we were heading but set off vaguely towards Beachy Head. Infact we stopped @ Seven Sisters Country Park. We walked along the river and then up to the top of the cliffs - the views were brilliant;

Back into Brighton we headed - as we came past the Marine Drive we spotted something very interesting happening below - Brighton Breeze, over 1000 VW campers & Beetles;

Then onwards into town - can't be in the same town as a CK shop without visiting ;). There was something I'd had my eye on and there was one left in stock :)

One other little treat from the weekend - a new charm for my bracelet;

(a ball of yarn with knitting needles - how perfect).

Yep, blogger is still playing up - at least tonight it let me load the photos even if it was incredibly slow.

Florrie and Serenata, your giveaway parcels will be on there way to you tomorrow :)

Oh the postie came today but I'll show you that next time ;)

xxx Vicki xxx


mother of purl said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time- I do so miss living in beloved Brighton xx

simplyvintage said...

So glad that the weather improved for you on Saturday. what a sight all those VW camper vans must have been :D, Love the cK buy too. xxx

harmony and rosie said...

Good to hear you had a fab weekend.

mangocheeks said...

I've been having problems with blogger too :(

#Would love to go to Brighton one-day. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

bellaboo said...

What IS going on with blogger? Have had problems with posting comments all evening!
Glad you had a lovely time in Brighton.The Seven Sisters CP is one of our favourite places to walk. ;O)

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

lovely campervans - wish I had been there ... every time you visit Brighton there is something different to see. xxx

Felted House said...

I've never been to Brighton - would love to visit one day. That CK pin is so great - my mum had an old Singer machine almost that shape - black and gold it was with a lovely smooth wheel at the side that you could turn by hand as well as using the pedal, and I used it when I was learning to sew at 11! xx

elegancemaison said...

I love visiting Brighton though have not been for a while. Your pics are lovely - especially the VWs in the Brighton Breeze line up, so thank you!

Serenata said...

Well it looks like blogger behaved itself ;-) The photos are wonderful and it looks like you had a really lovely time. I especially love the VW's. One day I WILL have a blue VW ;-)

JP said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend

Florrie said...

Glad you were able to post your pics......I love the seaside when it's blowing a strange am I? Love the trinkets you found, especially the little charm one.
florrie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Glad you had a good time despite the wind!


MelMel said...

Looks like a top visit!
VW em!
AND I love love love the brooch and the new cute that its a wool with

Magic Cochin said...

What fun! I went to art college in Brighton and, for a year, lived on Marine Parade - there's always something going on;-) I remember the wild wet weather too!!!
Celia x

Lisa said...

I like your little weekend buys.
Can't imagine all those VW's on one place!
Lisa x

Debbie said...

Hi Vicki, I always enjoy to read what other bloggers have been up too... So it was nice to see how much fun you had in Brighton!
I love th C.K brooch and bead... A LOT!


bad penny said...

What fabulous timing to see the camper vans !

Jo said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend - I love Brighton too! Throw in camper vans, that gorgeous CK find and a good walk and you just about have heaven! Jo xx