Thursday, 7 October 2010

Parcels & a garden 'surprise'

Good evening

Well its been the most gorgeous day here in Suffolk - sunshine, warmth & blue skies after what seems like days of rain & dampness. A perfect Autumn day and it was wonderful to get out & about on my bike this morning - our lane for once was rather busy with a local breast cancer support sponsored walk talking place - just wish I had my camera with me when all the ladies in pink were about.

Last time I blogged I mentioned a parcel that I'd received - would you like to see what was inside?? Well I'm going to show you;

This was from Alijane @ Gingercat - all looking gorgeous in pink & purple with ribbon around. Inside were;

Some CK tissues & notelets, a rosebud heart, gorgeous bath salts (these smell divine) and a bloggy parcel is never complete without chocolate - maltesers, one of my favourites.  Thanks Alijane :)

I know that my 2 recent giveaway winners have received their parcels so I can show you what I sent. For my winner Florrie I sent;

and for Serenata, a little runners up parcel;

Thanks to everyone who took part - wish you all could have won.

Oh today's garden surprise? Well just next to our little close is an old house that has been derelict for many years, its been sold several times to different developers but nothing has happened. This means the site has become a haven for wildlife and we regularly see foxes, deer, badgers and squirrels running around there. Well sadly they have in the past week started to demolish the old house and of course this has scared the wildlife away. Many have turned up in gardens nearby - we have a constant battle with the squirrels who insist on trashing bird feeders in the quest for nuts.

This afternoon I went down the garden to collect some washing that for the first time in ages was hung on the line rather than indoors. As I got there, I saw a sudden movement and flash of wriggly green! A snake - it went one way and me the other!! A quick google discovered that this visitor was harmless and just a grass snake - however I'd never seen one before and it was a huge one - over a metre long!! A bit like this one;

I mentioned this to the boys when they came home tonight - apparently they saw one similar in the lane one night after school last week but forgot to tell me!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Christy@WickedHappy said...

Oh dear!! That snake would have scared me senseless. Lovely parcels, by the way. :)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I was admiring your knitted houses earlier today on another blog! Very clever!

How fab to have a snake in your garden - much better than a spider!

CraftyHelen said...

I just love your knitted houses! Thanks for your message of support - I will be so pleased when it's Sunday evening.xx

Florrie said...

Snake.....did you really say snake....if it was my garden I would only venture outside pushing OH in front of me with my trousers tucked into my socks.

Lovely goodies in your parcel.
florrie x

Sarah said...

I didn't know you had snakes in the UK!! Heck! Love your parcel. I saw some CK serviettes just like those tissues at the garden centre today. It took great control to not buy them. I just don't need them. But we hardly ever get CK items here. Oh and I do love that little rosebud heart, too cute.

Lisa said...

I don't blame you I would have ran away too,very quickly!
Your giveaway winners must have been thrilled with their parcels, very generous gifts.
Maltesers are one of my faves too!
Lisa x

Serenata said...

My Dad used to catch grass snakes when he was young and put them down his Mums back when she was busy in the kitchen. She would calmly pull them out and tell him to take it back outside. He says in hindsight that she must have been horrified, but didn't react. How brave is that?!

delia hornbook said...

O My god you would not have seen me for dust ;-)I wuld have run and run....Sorry to hear about the wildlife its a shame when they have to demolish things. But hopefully you may have some foxs and badges coming into your garden ;-) Lovely parcels. Dee x

Diane said...

Thats a whopping snake!! I think they must be on the increase as hubby saw one the other day too. What lovely lovely parcels.

Claire said...

oooo those parcels, like christmas has come early :) Ive never seen a real snake (apart from in a cage!)

JP said...

fancy finding a snake in the garden - amazing

Amy said...

I hadn't realised grass snake's were so big, I'd have been terrified! I love the rose bud heart you received, what a clever idea x

Shirl said...

Ooooooo, lots of lovely pressies, lucky you! I'm not a great fan of snakes either, thank goodness it was a grass snake and not an adder!

Shirl x

Gorgeous Things said...

Hello - just found your blog, and have joined your band of followers!
Gorgeous x