Monday, 25 October 2010

Rainbows & thank you's

Good evening

Surviving half term so far. TBH apart from eating us out of house & home the boys are fairly easy to have around the place. Mrs Thirfty, I would love to offer you a piece of cake but its all gone. I think they've also made a dent in the pile of apple muffins I made earlier too!

We had visitors here yesterday, friends & their boys. Lovely day, good company and lots of catching up to do. We had hoped to go for a walk but the weather put paid to that. Too many heavy showers for our liking. It seemed to be like that lots this weekend - sunshine, showers & lots of rainbows - just didn't manage to capture one on camera.

Instead here's a lovely rainbow that arrived in the post on Saturday. I won a giveaway over at The Felt Fairy - a gift voucher to spend in her gorgeous ebay shop. So spoilt for choice - so many gorgeous colours of felt to choose from. In the end I settled on a colour that I'm finding hard to get this year - the perfect shade for gingerbread men. 6 large pieces of that and a wonderful selection of embroidery floss made up my parcel - very pretty. Thank you Annie :)

This morning when I logged into blogger, I found I'd been tagged by Heather @ Pink Milk here's my answers to her 7 questions;

1. Have you ever been in the newspaper? If so, why? Yes - when one of my little sisters was born, she was the first baby born in a new maternity unit so a family pic was taken & put in the local paper. I got most upset when one of the boys in my class painted over my face when a copy of the paper ended up on the painting table at school (I was about 6 at the time!!)

2. If you were given £1000 which you had to spend which would be the first shop/s you'd head to? Apple - for a Ipad for MrVV and then probably CK for pretty things and lastly TopMan so the boys could have a good spend.

3. Is there a skill you wish you had? Crochet - I keep trying and am slowly getting somewhere but I want to be able to make a blanket - one day.

4. What was your favourite sweet as a child? Toffos and Texan bars.

5. What is your favourite time of the year? Spring - the days length & slowly get warmer and also my birthday is then.

6. If you were marooned on a desert island with a celebrity, who would you like it to be? David Tennant - hopefully with his Tardis.

7. When did you last cry? Quite a while ago - July on what would have been my grandads 89th birthday.

Next part - 7 new questions;

1. If there was one item you could have regardless of cost in your stocking this Christmas - what would it be?

2. Who are your current favourite band or singer?

3. Which band/singer is your 'guilty pleasure'?

4. What is your favourite tipple?

5. Your house is burning down - apart from pets & family - what 3 things would you try & save?

6. If space travel became affordable - would you try it?

7. What one thing would you like to do / try before you die?

and finally - the 7 lucky 'victims' chosen at random are;

Claire @ Are We Nearly There Yet?
Tracey @ Deben Days
Florrie @ Florrie's Crafting Adventures
Alijane @ Gingercat
Serenata @ The Balancing Kiwi
Beki @ The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy
Karen @ Tilly Rose

Phew that took a while to do - not if its my computer or blogger that's slow tonight.

Off to message all my victims!!

Speak soon

xxx Vicki xxx


bekimarie said...

'hehe' I went for the same colour felt for my giveaway win from Annie too!
You have given Me something to think about, will get on with the tag later in the week!
Enjoy half term

B xxxz

Florrie said...

Gorgeous embroidery floss, can't wait to see what you make with your gingerbread coloured felt.

Thanks for thinking of me with the tag thing, but it's something I decided not to participate in before I started blogging, hope you don't mind and hoping you find another willing victim, lol.
florrie x

Sarah said...

Wow what a fabulous giveaway you won! I can't imagine having that many new threads at once. Enjoy making your little men. Love your answers to your questions. Good luck with the crochet. I'm over it now!

Sheila said...

ive been reading everyones answers...its so funny the things it makes you say before you know it!! P.S. those boys at school when you were 6 were very naughty!!

Claire said...

Made up for the rain of yesterday, it's been beautiful here today not even a sea breeze! Hope it was nice where you are :)

Kandi said...

I love these tags, you should give crochet another go, it is not too bad to learn just takes a bit of practice, if I can pick it up anyone can!
Kandi x

Jacquie said...

Ummmm, toffos I loved them too, can you still get then?
Spring is my favourite time of year too, All the plants bursting into life, and summer to look forward to.
keep trying with the crochet, hopefully it will "click" soon .
Jacquie x

Country Girl said...

I loved Texan bars too - wish you could still get them.

delia hornbook said...

I love your threads infact my mum would adore them ;-) David Tennant which women could say no to him ;-)) Such a dream boat and the tardis great answer ;-)) Enjoy your threads. And your half term, Dee x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

You are most welcome! My OH does all the wraping and posting these days, he is a good lad!
Great to read all about you, it appeals to the nosey parker in me! lol! Toffo's were great xx

Florence and Mary said...

Glad your half term break isn't going to badly despite the rain,

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

Yes to Texan bars and double yes to David Tennant!
Lisa x

Andrea said...

Fantastic replies to your tag! Yes the half term is going ok despite the weather!!! I loved Texan bars too! Think we all did!
Great choice of colour felt and lovely threads, I just adore Gingerbread ornaments there is a lot of them around this year I have noticed!
Enjoy the rest of the week! Fin and Gabs don't go back until Wednesday, so that has put a spanner in work as I actually didn't realise!!!!
Andrea x

Suzanne said...

What you are lucky with so much beautiful embroidery floss!
I've learned to crochet watching you tube:)
Suzanne xx

bad penny said...

lovely post - I'd love to learn crochet too. The Balancing Kiwi gave me a book but really she needs to teach me in person !