Monday, 4 October 2010

Swaps, wins & awards :)

Good evening

Of course the first thing to tell you is, we had a great weekend in Brighton - weather wasn't great but we had a good time - more on that another day - lots of pics to sort out.  Thanks for all the messages on the last post - I'd never seen Friends until yesterday morning - put TV on in the hotel & it was on - can sort of see what you mean about the young MrVV!

I thought I'd best do a post to update on all the wonderful swaps etc that have happened in the past week.

Firstly there was the Pincushion Swap organised by Beki. My partner was Maria @ Me&Ma. You can see what I sent her on her blog. Here's what she kindly sent me;

Inside were;

I'd seen one of these pincushions that Maria had made Beki so was everso hopeful when we were paired up that I'd get one too - I did so am very happy :)

Also in the parcel were;
Some gorgeous fabric squares, polka dot FQ, lace, a great knitting book and some of Maria's pegs with hearts of them - all lovely - thank you Maria so very much.

The postie came again over the weekend - this time it was my Autumn magazine swap parcel from Joy. She was a naughty lady and included 2 magazines & a little notelet book in my parcel;
I look forward to having a good read of these over a coffee or 2 later today. I've never seen a copy of the US Country Living mag so I'm really looking to reading this. A quick flick through shows I won't be disappointed.

You know how it is - at any one time there are so many giveaways in blogland - you enter lots and keep your fingers crossed that it 'might be you'. Well it seems in the past few days it has been me - twice!! Looking forward to lying in wait for Mr Postie as I await pretty parcels from -  Ali and Lissylou :) 

I must organise myself as I have a couple of parcels to send off to my lovely giveaway winners this week too.

Last but by no means least - I've been given an award too - from Lissylou;

I think I need to pass this on as well so shall give that some thought today and do that when I next blog.

BTW is anyone else having trouble uploading pics into blogger? I tried last night but it just wouldn't play ball - instead I'm blogging and eating my branflakes this morning!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx



Miss Creativity said...

You will enjoy USA country living I first saw it when visiting my family in Detroit and then got it on subscription. A lovely mag and full of ideas. Enjoy your morning.

Beverley x

Serenata said...

Some lovely swap gifts Vicki, very handy pincushion.

Enjoy the magazines, they look really interesting.

Glad you had a good weekend. Hope you have a good day!

bellaboo said...

Yes..naughty blogger's been playing me up too.Love your swap goodies,especially those heart pegs and the pincushion.Congrats on your award and wins.
Have a lovely week. :o)

bad penny said...

Can't wait to see your Brighton photos. Lovely swaps & yes terrible trouble with Blogger / photos - it takes AGES to upload a photo now.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh me too, i can't seem to get my images to group anymore, they are all verticle & spaced, argh!! Sounds like a great holiday, love Posie

Maria said...

Glad that you had a good weekend and I am pleased that you like your pincushion x

Florrie said...

Wonderful goodies.......I'm eyeing up that lovely knitting book. So glad you enjoyed your Brighton weekend.
florrie x

Lisa said...

Congrats on a well deserved award and enjoy those mags, the Halloween one looks very interesting. Lisa x

Country Girl said...

Must be your lucky week!

mother of purl said...

Crikey, what a lot of lovely goodies! COngratulations on winning an award too x

Joy said...

Wow, you got all kinds of goodies. I'm glad you like the magazines. I'm really enjoying the one you sent to me. I'll get it posted soon on my blog.
Love the pincushion. How fun.

I finally changed over to Windows Live Writer to compose my blog post and upload my pictures. It then downloads into my blog when I tell it to publish. Not sure if you have that program on you computer, but I had it and didn't know I had it, until I heard other bloggers talking about it. Now I won't go back to the old way.
♥ Joy

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Isn't blogland great, it makes you so excited about the posty coming to visit :-) Blogger was playing up for me today so they must have some little squirrels in the works somewhere.

JP said...

the pincushion is just great