Thursday, 21 July 2011

Almost the end........

Hello again :)

In less than 24 hours we will come to the end of an era in the VV household.

Four years ago I sent this little boy off to Middle School (Yrs 5-8) - he was very nervous and rather daunted by the prospect of leaving the comfort of his Primary School;

Well today that little cheeky chappie had his Leavers Assembly - my goodness some of those children are now enormous! Many of them were given certificates for various achievements and for the voluntary work some have done around the school in the past year. Many were wearing the special leavers t-shirts - bright white and clean this morning - they looked more like this at the end of the day (ignore the bandage - a roller skating accident during the activity week!);

 Crude measuring shows that he's grown 10 inches in the past 4 years - and I can hear those bones creaking again as he starts his annual summer hols growth spurt!

Tomorrow for their final day, the year group is off to a nearby theme park to make themselves dizzy and generally have lots of fun :)

Big son has just a half day at school tomorrow - a debrief session from the work experience his year group have been doing for the past fortnight. He has been at the Power Station and has been working with the maintenance section - he's been taking things apart and repairing them - all of course under very strict supervision. He's loved every part of this time and was quite sad to say goodbye to his workmates today. For the first few days, he left the house looking quite smart - he then reverted back to jeans/t-shirts when he discovered he'd spend most of his time in overalls, safety boots and a hard hat!

Roll on 4.30 tomorrow afternoon - term will be over - worn out uniform can be recycled and six weeks of holidays can begin :)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


fee @ chipper nelly said...

lovely pictures vicki - my boys are in until next weds - half tempted to let them finish tomorrow!
(Cleggy would be furious if he knew I'd written that!)
happy holidays
fee x

**Anne** said...

Don't these kids of ours grow up so quickly! Your young men look lovely!! Enjoy those summer holidays.
Anne xx

keshling said...

I bet those years seem to have gone by in a flash....they really start to speed up now. Cherish the whilst they're still your 'little (big) boys'!

K xx

Em said...

What handsome boys!!
You must be so proud of them.
Em xxx

janis said...

wow! hold on my dear you are gonna blink & you will be seeing them off to college!
My girls grew up so fast. The youngest (20yrs old) will be returning to college in just a few short weeks having her summer break already near finished. The oldest (22yrs old) finishes summer term tomorrow, and will have a couple of weeks before taking her final class to complete her college courses.

Nelly said...

Goes way too fast doesnt it?My eldest grabdaughter has 2 years left before High school yikes!!

Serenata said...

They do indeed grow so quickly don't they. I can't believe my eldest is now 20! My youngest will be 15 at the end of the holidays.

Wish I could say that I was looking forward to the school hols. Unfortunately with DS2 having ASD the holidays tend to be rather stressful for us as we have to deal with his very difficult behaviour. Or should I say survive! LOL

Victoria said...

Where do the years go ........... enjoy the holidays. x

Jacquie said...

Hi Vicki twins had their leavers assembly for primary school yesterday (yr6)and there was hardly a dry eye in the house (kids and staff as well as Mums ) We don't have middle school around here so it's straight to senior school with all the massive teenagers in September ...I'm more scared than them !
Your boys look so handsome and I love the comparison photo of little son.
I know what you mean about the summer holiday growth spurt , I've noticed that too :0)
Have a great time over the hols .
Jacquie x

Bee happy said...

Blimey they do grow quick don't they! have you stood them in compost or something ;) hope you all have a great summer holidays :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Lisa said...

Oh just look at those handsome boys all smart and grown up!
3 days next week and then we start our hols too, can't wait.
Hope you all have lots of fun.
Lisa x

Floss said...

Wow, time flying... You must be so pround of both of them, Vicki. Have great holidays!