Sunday, 10 July 2011

Happy 125th Birthday!

Good evening

What a busy few days we've had here in the VV household. There's been High School visits for little son (3 tier system here they move at the end of Y8), a music exam (again for little son) and preparations for work experience (big son is doing that for the next 2 weeks). But the main event has been preparing to celebrate a 125th birthday! No, not MrVV but the brass band he plays in. 

Its taken many months of planning, loads of meetings, phone calls and emails but eventually the day finally arrived. It started early for some - there were tents to build, signs to put up and so many things that needed doing. There had been mild panic when the weather on Friday was more suitable to ark building than stage building but Saturday dawned bright and sunny (ish).

The plan was a parade with the band leading followed by some British Legion Standards, local councillors, air cadets, scouts/cubs/beavers and some brownies too!  All kicked off on time and my first glimpse was as the band came down the main road - amazing. I'd not seen it leave - my role was programme selling (and later taking photos and being a general dogsbody).

The parade had to halt as it came into the school playground - as the access gate was narrower than the band!!

There was a huge crowd waiting for the bands to perform. Not just MrVV's band but the training/school one little son also plays with, another local band and then the finale - a massed bands concert which involved about 60 musicians and 3 conductors.

 Little sons school/training band - many of the players in this also play with the main band too.

 Brass fans - actually my Mum and littlest sister

 Big son (who been on car parking duty) and one of my nieces.

 Even though he's Band Chairman it didn't mean MrVV was excused from burger flipping duty!!

 My MIL and a friend enjoying themselves in the sunshine.

 Little son (he's the Euphonium player with glasses AND hair - the rest of section are follicley challenged!!)

MrVV (now I can see where all the drinks were hiding!!)

 The massed bands concert - love this pic of three trombonists from the different bands - shows how joined together everyone was.
 The afternoon ended with a short Sunset service and a final parade of standards.

As yesterday ended rather late, today started very late for some - little son didn't surface till almost 11.30am. There was some final sorting out to do that kept MrVV out for a while but this afternoon has been a quiet one. I've even managed some sewing - I've almost finished my new dress :)

See you soon for a post full of crafting and CS finds - life gets slightly more normal this week for a few days!

xxx Vicki xxx



Florence and Mary said...

What a lovely celebration, looks like a fun day for everyone,

Victoria xx

Pene said...

Gosh vicki I had no idea you were that old lmao hehe!! Well looks like you had a lovely day for it. Lets hope the nice weather last
Pene x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Looks like a fun day out. Excellent pics.

Claire said...

looks fabulous!! and no rain!

Pomona said...

What a lovely jolly day - glad you got some sewing done!

Pomona x

Magic Bean said...

Wow! Happy Birthday Band.
Great photos and they really sum up the day, well done.

August Paddock said...

Looks a lovely day out, I'm sure you were very proud of your family. Glad you had no rain!

Jenevieve said...

What a fab day out! You must be so proud of everyone! :) x

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely day. For some reason bands like that always make me feel a bit emotional and proud to be British. M x

**Anne** said...

What a celebration! It looks like you all had a fabulous day.
Anne xx

mad about bags said...

what a wonderful birthday celebration, looks like all your family had lots of fun....

Madison said...

What a fab way to spend a day. Happy birthday to the band.

Madison xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

ah 'normal', yes, looking forward to that!
lovely lovely pictures - splendid!
fee x
(Counting the days til the summer!)

posiepatchwork said...

Oh how much fun, looks like a totally fantastic day, with music, family & friends. Lucky you!! Love Posie

Lisa said...

Well done to everyone who took part, itlooks like a really good day. So much organising, I'm glad the weather behaved and it looks like it was well attended.
Lisa x

En4tainment said...

It looked liked a great day and happy 125th birthday to the bass band