Monday, 25 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - July

Good evening

Well here's something that never happened during my school days - I'm handing my homework in early! Due to impending hols, here's my efforts for this months scavenger hunt;

 Celebration - a pile of certificates and reports that the boys received at the end of term. Certificates celebrating achievements and reports that are both worth celebrating :)

Fields - normally holding sheep but for one month a year, this field is part of the Latitude Festival site - even on a very wet Saturday afternoon there are still plenty of hardy festival goers about waiting for the next act on stage.

 Flag - one of many around the main stage at the festival.

Flip flops - mine - abandoned in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

Something that makes me happy (not a person or animal) - these pebbles represent the seaside. I've lived near the coast since the age of 8 and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I love the sea breezes we get when the weather is warm, walking along the beach on a blustery winters day and that special salty seaside smell.

Ice cream - a MrWhippy 99 - my favourite - eaten on the Prom at Southwold on a hot sunny day - bliss

A kite - not an easy one to capture on film. Taken at Aldeburgh on a less sunny day last weekend.

 Red, white & blue - one of my dresses (made by a friend). This was commented on when I posted about Latitude. Its not actually patchwork but fabric printed to look like it.  

 A seashell - Maggi Hamblings Scallop - on the beach between Aldeburgh & Thorpeness. It was a busy day and it took a while to get a shot without children in the way - can you see them hiding??

 A star - on my right wrist - a birthday pressie from my sisters a few years ago and No it didn't hurt.

 Strawberries - taken right at the beginning of the month at the PYO farm.

Stripes - MrVV's t-shirts hanging on the clothes horse awaiting ironing!!

Thank you Kathy for keeping my eyes open for another month. 

See you again later in the week.

xxx Vicki xxx


Pomona said...

I hope you enjoy your holiday - I loved looking at your seasidey photos. The Maggi Hambling scallop is amazing!

Pomona x

Lisa said...

Really lovely summery selction of photos. How lush do those strawberries look!
Love your dress.
Lisa x

topchelseagirl said...

Those strawberries look yummy - and you can't beat a 99!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Oh fab! I have only just joined this and so far mine would be very boring compared to yours, so 10 out of 10 and a gold star from me! Have a great holiday and hope the sun shines loads.

Gem said...

Great finds, It is amazing how much this makes you open your eyes and how different everyones finds are.

I started this last month and have been trying to find all the things from all the previous months as well so have been very busy searching and look forward to sharing them with everyone xxx

Kathy said...

You get the prize for publishing first this month!!!! I love your collection, especially the shell ... wow! Mine will be very boring this time I'm afraid!
Have a great holiday!

Magic Bean said...

Not only is your homework in early but you iron t-shirts too. Your middle name must be Wonder Woman... Haven't seen that shell for a while- need a seaside trip soon. Ax

delia hornbook said...

Such lovely photo's just made me feel all feel all warm. That seashell photo is amazing and i love the shot of the icecream and pebbles ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

Lady Cherry said...

I love Aldeburgh. I live near the Kent coast, we went to Herne Bay on Saturday and there is nothing like a blast of cool seaside air and an ice cream. I would hate to live somewhere where I was more than a 30 min drive from the sea. x

Victoria said...

A lovely reminder of July. Here's to lots of sunshine in August. Happy Holidays. x

Serenata said...

Wonderful photographs, you have done many have I got so far? Not telling! ;-)

Peonies and Pennies said...

Great photos, well done for getting them done early. I love the dress material.


Country Girl said...

Love that icecream - haven't had a Mr Whippy yet this year.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

My fave is the pebbles - they just look ready for me to put my bare foot into!

Louise said...

I love that sea shell! The ice cream and strawberries look delicious :)