Sunday, 24 July 2011

Parcels and Parties

Good evening

I hope everyone has had a good weekend? Its been a pretty full on one here but in a nice way.

The boys made it to the end of term and despite minor blip on little sons theme park trip (someone who isn't a good traveller should never have gone on a ride called Wipeout - it did ;) - his teacher will have a lovely lasting memory of him!) it ended well.

Big son arrived home from school mid-afternoon after a final footie game with his friends and the treat of buying junk for his lunch! He needed to get sorted as he was off to an Explorer end of term party and sleepover. It sounds rather fun and I've seen some of the photos. Am sure the boys who well enrolled on the beach at 2am will remember that for a while and the drunk they disturbed really will think there are aliens about!!

My special Friday thing was a parcel - from Miss Magpie part of the Guilt Free Shopping swap organised by Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping;

Pretty parcels in chicken paper - see those pink flowers on 2 of the parcels? Well they are hairclips and are utterly gorgeous and something I have meant to buy for a while!
 Inside - lots of pretties - someone has definately been reading my blog :) I can see bears, a Stanley, pretty china and lots of flowers :)

In slightly more detail;

 A pretty floral trinket dish - now keeping my everyday jewellery safe at night :)

 A silky, pink & flowery scarf - very glam :)

A Stanley heart and a teddy bear tissue holder with a hint of Cath inside.

 Some flowery coasters and those pretty pink clips

Part of the swap brief was a piece of jewellery and this 3 strand beaded necklace is perfect :)

If you pop over to Miss Magpie's blog - you can see what I sent to her.

Yesterday evening we went out as a family of 4! A bbq and camp-over at a brass banding friends house. Armed with a bootful of camping gear and also some beer/cider that MrVV had brewed for the occasion we set off deep into the Suffolk countryside.  First job whilst it was still light was to put the tents up - one for the boys and one for MrVV & I. We managed to get 2 tents up in the time it took other friends to build their little one! It was a wonderful evening - great company, great food and plenty of laughs - no photos from me - our friends homemade wine put paid to that! I think things would have very much been out of focus ;)

What a lovely camping spot we had - surrounds by flowers, veggies and chickens!!

 That rather handsome fella at the back did briefly wake me at 4am but I'm made of tougher stuff and was soon back to sleep!

The swing was very popular with the children last night - some loud giggly games were being played. Great to see them all getting on so well - big age range too - from 4 to 21!
 The garden was gorgeous - a proper cottage one with so many lovely plants and also places to sit and watch the wildlife and to enjoy a mug or two of coffee this morning.

BTW I bet I'm the only person who enjoyed their breakfast accompanied by a cowboy singing folk songs accompanied by a blind blues guitarist??

See you soon - I need to hand my Scavenger Hunt efforts in early this month - another camping trip, this time  to the West Country is looming next weekend!

xxx Vicki xxx


Magic Bean said...

Happy Hols.
Love the Wipeout story... what a great end of term present for his teacher!!!

Isobel said...

wow, what a sweet amour of pretties you got there!! lucky girl!
camping is something me and hubby haven't done in such a long time. we are just waiting Joey grow a bit more so we can go again. :)

Twiggy said...

Love your parcel and the camping sounds fab !!
twiggy x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wipeout! lol! I am sooooo in love with the doggie heart! x I am off to see if the lady sells them!

**Anne** said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time this weekend. Certainly beautiful surroundings to pitch a tent. I had to laugh at you being serenaded by a rooster at 4.00a.m.
Have a great week,
Anne xx

Nelly said...

What a great parcel I sent my swap off last week and it went down well.Mine is on its way I will share when it arrives.

Josie-Mary said...

Loved the Wipeout story.... poor thing! Camping looks fun :)

Lisa said...

What a great start you've had to the hols. Love your camping site for the night, what a lvely garden they have.
Lisa x

Shirl said...

Lovely swap parcel. Great camping spot, gorgeous garden ... :0)

Vintage Jane said...

Lovely swap parcels.

The camping sounds like fun ... have a good time here in the West Country! M x

liz said...

Lovely swap parcel, such a lot of pretty things, lucky you! The garden where you camped looks gorgeous, what a great place to wake up! Hope you all have a lovely summer hols, Liz x

Bee happy said...

Great swap gifts, sounds like you've been busy!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

uhooi said...

Wow,, It works amazing, nice and creative,,