Thursday, 7 March 2013

The answer to the question is?

Good evening

Well it depends on the question but according to little son its not 42 but bacon!!

Anyhow - I've been asked several questions in the past few posts and rather than try and email people individually its easier for the less techie of us to do a blog post with some answers!!

Firstly my frocks - I make most of them myself and I use a really simple pattern - here's the last frock I made modelled by myself;

 Looks maybe more clever than it is - here is my pattern;

 2 pieces - one front and one back - the skirt measurements are 2 metres of fabric wide by 55(ish)cm long!!

My notes in my best scrawl - please note the title of the dress - the pattern is loosely based on a CK dress I bought several years ago in the sales - except the top part of mine is longer. I can do another variation with a tiered skirt - again the measurements are on there. The ties of the back are never the same each time - it depends on the fabric I have!!

The next question - the Photo Scavenger Hunt - its being run by Greenthumb @ Made With Love - all you need to do it find the current months list - take you pics and then post them at the end of each month. There is a linky on her page for you to add to if you wish. Anyone is welcome to join - the more the merrier :)

Well its been a good week - we had 2 1/2 days of spring! Tuesday was utterly gorgeous here - the sun shone - it was warm and everyone seemed to be smiling. I spent the day visiting various members of my family - starting with my Grandma, then lunch with 2 sisters, a cuppa with another and then I went and collected my eldest niece from school (won't get many more chances as she's off to High School this year). I ended the day with a couple of phone calls to friends and family! I love having so many sisters (and my little brother)- there's always one to chat to and catch up with :)

Two last things - I've found via Twitter a couple of new blogs that people might like;

One couple are attempting to buy British for a year here.

Another are shunning supermarkets here.

Both worth a read I think.

I think that's all for now - see you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vix said...

That dress is fabulous, love the shape and the fabric is stunning. x

Dawn said...

Siblings are great, aren't they, who'd be without them?
Have a good weekend!

The Custards said...

Oh, oh - your pattern is just my sort of pattern! I will have to rethink mine because I use newspaper and that is rubbish really. Where do you get your big sheets of paper from could I please ask? I would love to make a skirt from some old embroideries but fear that I would end up looking like and old woman wearing an old tablecloth and children would come and laugh as I walk down the street....
Best wishes
PS: I have got your room ready and set some crafty bits on your bedside table.....

Maria Glazacheva said...

Oh c`est res bien j`adore!!

Bonne semaine!!

xxx Maria xxx

greenthumb said...

How clever you are to be able to sew our on dresses.

Swallow Barn said...

I'm very jealous you can sew dresses!

Nikki x

Amanda Graham said...

I always thought the answer was 42 as well! Hitch hikers has a lot to answer for! You're very clever for sewing dresses- I still have my unfinished feeble attempt from sewing, way back in Secondary school.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's still bloody impressive. And the dress looks great on.

mrsmsmeanderings said...

Love your dress - am so impressed by anybody who can sew. I can just about sew a hem that's fallen down and that's it! Thanks for the two blog links - they look really interesting x

Gillian said...

Very nice dress - you are clever, I would have a nervous breakdown if I attempted something like that!

I think I just heard the couple who are buying British for a year on Radio 4 at lunchtime - very interesting.

Gillian x

Louise said...

What a great dress - I wish I could make my own clothes but I can't even sew a button on a cardigan, haha!

That Tuesday was a lovely day, but it wasn't warm here with it, it was really cold and we haven't had warmth for ages!