Monday, 25 March 2013

11 of 52 weeks of Happy

Good morning

Can't wander too far this morning as I am awaiting a bulky shopping delivery and don't want to miss the knock on the door!

Well lots of last week was testing to say the least - life is certainly a roller coaster ride and many times last week I just wanted to get off as I wasn't enjoying it. 

However I am a lucky girl and have a fab family and some truly wonderful friends who are being very supportive at the moment and are there with hugs and tissues when I turn into a snotty blubbing mess (again).

Hardly the right start for a happy post!! However despite everything there have been happy moments that I have managed to capture on camera and here they are;

1) It was my birthday on Friday and I was thoroughly spoilt - as I was planning a party on Saturday we just had French Fancies as a cake for Friday. I thought we'd just eat them but Big Son insisted they were arranged on a pretty plate and that I had a candle to blow out!

2) This was my cake for Saturdays party - I made it and Little Son iced it with a thick layer of chocolate ganache and then decorated it with a mini-egg flower - serious chocolate overload but very tasty.

3) This is my baby sisters dog - Lula. I went to visit last week and Lula was so pleased to see me - she loves visitors. As you can see whilst she stayed still for a photo, her tail did not!! Still no baby news - hopefully sometime this week I get to be an Auntie - I will know roughly when as I am dog sitting!!

4) New boots for Morris Dancing and my first stick - they sit in the hallway behind my desk and every time I look at them I smile. Thinking of dancing out days this summer and several weekends at festivals with new friends and old.

I am struggling with blogging at the moment and I owe so many people replies and I am behind with my reading too. Bear with me, I will get back into it properly - in the words of Chumbawamba - "I get knocked down but I get up again, You're never gonna keep me down."

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


thriftwood said...

Aw chin up Vicki, hope you're ok Sweetie ... put on your green bicycle dress, that'll cheer you up! Happy belated birthday, though I did 'talk' to you on Instagram, please take it easy, and come back when you're ready, we'll all be here waiting! Little secret, I'm struggling with blogging obligations at the moment, worried I'm not mentioning someone and offending them, forgetting to mention giveaways, swaps, awards etc, I hate to let anyone down, but we're only human Vicki, and real life gets priority! Have a well-deserved rest, Vicki, you've had a lot of changes, sorry for rambling, I'll go before i completely take over ....
Love Claire xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

sending a massive virtual (but still good) hug your way VV!
fee x

Anna said...

Lula is such a sweetie, I hope she cheered you up :)

Claire said...

aww happy late Birthday. Your mini egg flower is great! YUM!! cant wait for summer!!!!! will it ever arrive??

VIV WILD said...

Hi Vicki
Big hugs flying your way. I know what it's like when life becomes rather testing and big changes are afoot....but trust me things do get sorted in the end and life just flows along a different path than you envisaged before. If it's any consolation I'm so delighted now that those changes happened...was just difficult at the time.
Hope to catch up with you soon

Deborah said...

Belated many happy returns sweetie :) love your happy pics, hope you have a happy week, sending big hugs :)

Bee happy x

minibreakfast said...

Thinking of you every day Big Sis, and love you loads xxx

Dawn said...

You're dogsitting? You kept that quiet! Better not be on Saturday :)

Ladybird Diaries said...

Happy birthday to you!
M xxxx

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I'm sure things will feel a bit better once Spring arrives, this weather's enough to drag the most positive of people down! x

Lizzy said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Those boots look great, will you be tying bells on them? Let us know when you are out dancing, may have to come and watch!!

Irene said...

Happy belated birthday Viki, brilliant photos.

greenthumb said...

Happy birthday to you, I'm glad you family spoilt you. Like you new boots.

Kaylovesvintage said...

Happy Birthday, the cake loooks wonderful

delia hornbook said...

Keep your chin up lovely everything will come right in the end. I to am struggling with blogland at the moment. Happy belated birthday wishes your cake looked yummy. Big hugs, dee xx

Jen Walshaw said...

Belated happy birthday and you know what you do not have to blog, you just have to be. Just remember be gentle on yourself

Miss Magpie said...

Belated birthday wishes and keep your chin up, mind it is hard in this miserable weather. x x

BadPenny said...

Have a good cry sometimes - it releases a lot of troubles.
Lovely cakes to celebrate your birthday and great boots !

Maria Glazacheva said...

Happy Easter !

Bonne semaine!!

xxx Maria xxx